Petulant, Rebelluous, Irrevent, Bad Spellers

Petulant, snotty, rebelluous, irrevent (and bad spellers) – that's how SBC was described when we launched in 2006.

But, at the height of the recession we were getting up to 85,000 visitors per month to the site; businesspeople who were reaching out at a time of crisis looking for help and getting help. Today we're a mature (sic) brand and we've managed to keep 50,000 visitors coming to the site. We also have 26,134 members (just looked that up and its more than we thought …probably lots of replicas, but who cares? As Trump says: Its all about the ratings!) and we have just shy of 1000 bloggers that furnish us with a constant stream of good, bad, ugly and sometimes inspired blogs.

Pssst…for anyone that's interested here's the secret of how we generate our traffic (don't tell anyone): 30% comes from having a brand that we've built over 10 years and that has resulted in a site that’s SEO'd to within an inch of its life = traffic from search engines; 30% comes from bloggers who when they get informed that we've posted their article, they let their extended social network know – which leads to lots of traffic (especially from proud parents and family members); 30% comes from the relentless 'murketing' (yes we regard ourselves as serious murketeers - lots of eZines, Facebook and Twitter ramblings); and finally, 10% of our traffic is from is from people who just wander in after getting lost.

Shaking Things Up

Mature? Maybe, maybe not. We're also getting boring and bored, so we're shaking things up. We're taking the legacy that we've built over the past decade and the legacy that the Ulster Bank Business Achievers Awards has created over the past 2 decades - 1+1=3ing them together - and doing a complete grassroots revamp using the very best and most modern technologies available.

Visit Business Achievers and create your free account today!

We want you to provide interesting content and insights and in the process help others while raising your profile. We want you to take a look, join and hopefully contribute.

Achieving More

We want to build a big repository of useful stuff – contacts, networks, events, tools and templates – that you may find useful from time to time. There's Android, iPhone and iPad messaging apps; groups, events and Q&A functionality: Think Linkedin, Facebbook, Whatsapp and Slack like functionality - all under one roof - dedicated to your business and dedicated to helping you achieve more with your business.

PS - Look out for the advertising campaign that Ulster Bank is launching next week which will help launch the new platform.



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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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