Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising, often abbreviated to PPC, is a medium that is often under-rated.

It might not be as flashy as TV adverts, nor as commonly used as print advertising, but the fact is that PPC produces undeniable results.

Here's five reasons why your business should consider investing heavily in PPC.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Huge audience Google is the most commonly-used website in the world. In a typical month, more than a billion different people will use the company's search engine. For advertisers, this is an audience like no other. Of course, it's not just Google that hosts PPC ads. If you'd prefer an ad to show up on Facebook, Yahoo! or any other website then that is more than possible.

You only pay to reach interested customers If you buy a PPC ad on Google, not every Google user will see it. The way PPC works, this is a good thing. Advertisers pay a small amount every time someone clicks on their link. That means they are only paying to reach people who are genuinely interested in their product.

Advertisers can choose for their ad only to appear during certain keyword searches. Dog grooming companies might only want their ad to appear in searches for 'dog grooming' for example. It's likely to be little use to them having an ad that appears in searches for "Nike trainers"

No effort PPC advertising is a medium which can take no effort on the part of the advertiser. Many choose to outsource this section of their marketing to a PPC agency. A great PPC agency is armed with the expertise that can help businesses squeeze the most profits out of their advertising.

Businesses can allocate a budget for this agency to spend on their behalf. The agency will be more than happy to report back how this budget is being spent and how much sales have occurred as a result.

Visible results PPC brings visible results. There is brilliant software available which can provide all the vital statistics to show business owners exactly where their money is being spent. They can see what adverts are being clicked the most, where the web users go after clicking the ad and whether or not the click lead to a sale.

Traditional advertising does not provide measurable results. There is no way of telling whether a sale occurred as a direct result of a TV or radio ad other than asking the customer. Most businesses appreciate having a measurable ROI on their marketing efforts, especially when it's being outsourced to a third party.

Paddle before you swim Those who are a little unsure about PPC have the option of starting with a small budget to test the waters. Once they see that the campaign is making them money, they might then have the confidence to invest heavily in the medium. It's not an all or nothing approach like some other mediums.

With e-commerce growing all the time, there has never been a better moment to get your feet wet with PPC. Why not set up a consultation with a PPC agency today?



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Monday, 22 July 2019
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