Outstanding Heartfelt Leadership


Business leaders typically run their lives on metrics and key indicators. Our business books and blogs tie into this mindset: “What does not get measured does not get done!” Hence KPIs are everywhere.

Maybe an interesting question might be, just what is the ultimate metric?

Is there one which if understood would genuinely allow us to be an undivided leader?

We can diverge here for a moment and ask:

What is the definition of leadership?
Are successful leaders ruthless, driven to succeed at any cost?
If so, is the ‘bottom line result’ the most critical metric?
Or is the most critical metric perfect knowledge of your own identity? No longer unsure and torn about what is the correct direction for superior service.

Hopefully, leaders reach a place where they fully understand the nature of their mind:


are not scattered, nor control freaks.
are visionary, driven to empower their team to be creative and agile.
are authentic, encourage their direct reports to be real about present situations.
tap into the collective wisdom of the team.
learn to explore the innate metric of oneness.
learn to leave behind the obsession with control.
are driven to be of service.
are heartfelt leaders out to empower every moment, every day.
Heartfelt leading, coaching and mentoring are about being respectful but also capable of adding genuine and unbiased input. It’s about fine-tuning and rising leadership skills to the ultimate level of outstanding heartfelt Leadership.

If you would like to know more, reach out to us and we can explore together next steps.

Joe - https://undividedleader.com/2018/03/02/outstanding-heartfelt-leadership/



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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