Our Business Plan Tool Will Help You Grow...

Over the coming 8-12 weeks we're going to be heavily promoting the new features of our new site and making the case that you should start using most of them. Apart from the services on the Webshop, everything else is free, so why wouldn't you give them a try? And to be fair, we surveyed you to death to find out what you wanted and this is the stuff that you (the Royal you) said you wanted and needed.

This tool will make you grow

The big push for the next two weeks is the Business Planning Tool. We'll have blogs starting today on why we developed the tool followed by various blogs on how we developed it, its features and of course its benefits.

It's brand new (even though we believe we've sorted out most of the bugs at this stage); it's free (Ulster Bank paid for its development); and IT'S YOURS.

It's set up in the cloud. You set up your own user name and password and after that you can access it from anywhere anytime, downloading to your local machine as needed. It's got a relatively user friendly flow about it to help you write a comprehensive plan and it has a full set of spreadsheets that will allow you create a set of management accounts. Check it out here.

You get what you pay for

Have a read of this controversial blog from a company that creates a very simple web presence for its customers. Our reading of the Blog suggests that Paxad, its author, is claiming that most websites are 'sold' to SMEs and as a result they're too big, too complicated and full of too much sh…...information. This makes them lucrative to the website consultants but too expensive for the customer! Whoa…How many of our readers are website consultants?For anyone that disagrees with the Paxad assertion, please post alternative views on the forum. No bad language unless it's recgonised as being part of an accepted quote. Like the word sh!@ used by Paxad quoting from Ernest Hemingway.

Special Offer. Up to 20% off (an already very low price)

By the way, whether we agree or disagree with the Paxad view is moot. (And we don't! (figure that one out)).

We do agree that even the smallest of sole traders should have - and deserve - a web presence and Paxad has put up a great offer on the Webstore that will get even the smallest companies online for minimal cost. (Note! Any discounts we can negotiate on the Webstore are 100% passed on:)

Give us your start-up story

Folks, we're still looking for start-up stories for the blog. They're being eaten up by the site and by our social media channels and are literally getting thousands of views, so the publicity for the featured companies is great. People also obviously like reading them and are being inspired by the stories. Please keep them coming. We've even put up a template here where we ask questions to help you write a great blog.



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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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