If there was anybody following our odyssey to create a new start up programme to help people develop new or early stage businesses on SBC..well this is the start of it.


Lots more to come as we build out the content over the coming months and get used to videoing ourselves. And it’s probably not what you were expecting or indeed, is anything like the prototypes that we released over the last three months or so. We’ve scrapped them. They were too much like all the other courses out there, many of which are being done better that what we were trying to do. Ours also felt academic. And that’s not what SBC’s about. SBC is straight talking (even if the straight talking might be nonsense). It’s where we learn from each others mistakes, share insights, ask for advice, give advice and network. It’s peer to peer. It’s about shared wisdom and knowledge. Hopefully that’s what the SBC community believe is the SBC brand. So rightly or wrongly we are trying to stay true to that essence with this new Start Up ‘hopefully helpful’ Course. We’re calling it a course because we can’t think of a better name for it. We were calling it a syllabus, but at that stage we had lost the run of ourselves.

We’re also calling each part of the course a module, again couldn't think of anything better. There’s 10-12 modules, a dirty dozen of ‘roll up your sleeves and get stuck in’ guidelines that might ‘hopefully’ help you shape your business a bit better and drive it forward. It might also make you sit up and think about the feasibility of your business; you could have a turkey on your hands and realising that sooner rather than later would also make this course worthwhile.

Here’s how this is going to work. This part of the course is being written as a blog. We’ll introduce each of the modules and link into pages dedicated to that module where there is a video summarising the topic – 2 orange guys talking straight or rubbish, depending on your point of view, some articles, templates and tools covering the subject. You can also link to the forums to ask particular questions or share insights as is the spirit of SBC. There is space for comment and contribution everywhere.  You can comment here in the blog or in the pages dedicated to the module. And as usual you can comment in the forums, in groups where there may be related subjects or indeed on the walls of people that you have connected with. And if you have something better on a particular subject, a video, a case study, a disaster story or a success story...share it! So lets get stuck in.

Download our intro guide

If you have any questions, head on over to the Small Business Can Forum.

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Sunday, 18 August 2019
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