Online Marketing Trends To Watch in 2018


With the new year comes with a lot of changes in the world of online marketing. Over the course of years, digital or online marketing has changed but only for the better. You may have already found out that your marketing strategies that worked well for the past few years are now old school and do not compare much with today’s new trends. As an entrepreneur, you have to keep your head in the game by adapting to the ever-changing environment. Today, I will guide you through the five marketing trends that you need to be mindful of in order for you to boost your brand image and organic ranking in the search engine results.

Relevancy takes the reins

Gone are the days where gathering the most leads is your way to the top because in 2018, relevance is the greater king of all time. As people start to put importance in intimacy and relevance, it has now become a widespread fact that relevancy is your key to winning the battle. Increase your profits now by building more intimacy and relevance!

Seek thy attention

If you could just seize the right attention this year, then this will give you a huge competitive edge among over competitors without having to spend tons of money for your advertising and digital marketing expenses.

As attention is becoming quite a sensation in 2018, it has also become easier to access by many businesses which only makes it even more essential to capture the as many attention as you possibly can. Because of this fact, people are now scrambling to get the proper attention for their business since capturing the people’s attention also entails to capturing their loyalty and money. Just by the mere dissemination of your marketing will not suffice now, instead, you have to make sure that it can reach the right people in a timely manner while making the most of their attention.

A single platform will not sustain you

You think one platform is enough to make you through? If so, you may have to reconsider your marketing strategy. Take for instance, you have gathered quite a number of leads on Twitter, but that is not to say that those number also applies to other social media channels like Facebook and YouTube. Each platform has a different set of leads and criteria. Hence, you must use several channels in order for your content to get across many people.

Your marketing funnel must stand out

Among other hundreds, thousands or millions of competitors, your marketing funnel must evolve in such a way that it will stick out like a diamond among a sea of rocks. Your marketing funnel has to offer a great user experience and must be able to create real and significant trust with your customers. Introduce your audience with relevant content according to their level of awareness and engagement. That is one of the keys to building a long-lasting business relationship based on trust.

Brand awareness as the invisible ROI

Since sales and leads are no longer enough to keep you going, you now have to direct your focus on spending money on your advertising on brand awareness. Although that is not to say the collecting new leads are no longer necessary, it simply means that you need to put emphasis on nurturing your customers with not only selling in your mind.

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Thursday, 19 September 2019
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