Online Documentation Is Bound To Make an Impact in Your Business

Just a few years back almost all office environments had big rooms that were used for navigating filing systems. They were filled with clutter and had to be put into bulky cabinets. All of this stuff had to be carefully organized by a few employees at the expense of the company and its time. The result of organizing valuable documents like this led to hiring extra workers, and individual employees were not able to do their jobs in total harmony. Does this sound familiar to you?

If people at the office are extremely busy it can be easy for someone to lose a valuable document in that pile of other papers, a person can easily even lose something on their desk while in a rush to finish multiple tasks. When a person is in a hurry he or she might even ruin a document by spilling water, soda or coffee on it. Online documentation is a fairly new concept that all professional businesses are adopting and here is how it helps them.

Why is documentation important for a business organization

In modern, fast-moving business environments it is important to think ahead quickly and plan your next move. When the key people of a company arrive at an important business meeting, they cannot allow themselves to forget their ledger at the office and risk losing an important business partner or a client. Furthermore, by presenting valuable information on a screen, through a presentation is much effective and you will find it easier to impress the people you want.

If the people you’re meeting with see old papers, files and books that seem chaotic and unorganized they will think that you are like this as well. All of these scenarios that carry small frustrations during your everyday business endeavors, is something all business organizations want to avoid. The staff will feel more comfortable, as well as the clients and your whole business organization in general, If you have the easy solution – online documentation.

Online documentation benefits

Online documentation has been able to revolutionize the way business organizations operate by giving them access to precious resources including flawless clutter management, global access to important documents from remote locations, and the most valuable resource of them all – time.

Simply put, the use of online documentation will increase the workflow and productivity by allowing whole organizations to share valuable information more easily, access data anytime, anywhere and navigate their files more efficiently. Managing documents online allows a business organization to work better in general. Departments and teams are much more productive because of the ability to collaborate easily, as individuals can access valuable data on their smartphones and computers. Without online documentation, locating similar files would take hours, but now it can be done in a matter of seconds.

Managing documents online also makes good financial sense for both smaller and larger business organizations. The first, and most obvious way this new type of documentations saves money for a business is by removing the need for excessive amounts of paper and at the same time a business will also automatically become more environment friendly.

You won’t have to provide an additional room for those large and expensive file cabinets. Like I mentioned before, there will be no need for hiring additional employees that have to organize all of these papers so that they don’t get mixed up or lost. All of your employees will also be happy that they won’t have to struggle each day with managing papers.

In just a few seconds a person can search for a file the need, hit enter and get the file on the screen. Easy and efficient.

What online documentation tools can you use?

There are many online documentation tools that can be used to sync files and offer ample file storage, a lot of them can target different audiences, suiting different organizational needs and for different costs. No matter what kind of business you are running and how many people you have in that organization, you can find a suitable tool that can suit all of your needs.

Knowledge base software

Basically, a knowledge base is a storehouse that contains centralized information. Sort of like a public library, this storehouse is filled with database that contains information that relates to a certain subject. Most of these tools are online or can be easily put online. With this tool a business can optimize organization, information collection, or optimize retrieval.

What is unique about knowledge base software is the fact that it’s not a static entity and it can learn and users can insert additional information into it. What’s even better is the fact that a knowledge base can also be used to help customers as well. A well-optimized knowledge base will give customers the ability to find what they want quick and easy, without any confusion.

Google drive

Google Drive is a drag and drop tool (platform) that gives users multi-access to share and edit files they want for business use. It has surpassed the old problem with e-mails had – the lack of the ability to store, send and share big documents that take a lot of space. Furthermore, your employees always have a synced version of files that have been edited available in real time. Google Drive is basically fee, however, if you want to have more storage space you will have to invest some money, but not much.

There are over 100,000 business organizations around the world that use Box as a tool for collaboration since it allows them to handle online file storage more efficiently, while at the same time removing the need for using FTP. With this tool whole teams and departments can connect in an online environment. It is a perfect tool for showing off PowerPoint presentations and get second opinions from other relevant people or talk about press releases that you plan on giving out to the public. In a way Box is similar to Dropbox but it has many additional controls and features that offer handling more complex documents. This is why many enterprises with advanced needs use it.

These are some of the most common online documentation tools that can help you rearrange your business organization, mentioned just to give you a better perspective on what they’re all about. There is a sea of other tools, all powered with different features and unique structures. So, when looking for a software that suits your enterprise best here is what you need to know.

What to look for in an online documentation system

Some of the most important functions and features a business organization should consider when choosing an online documentation solution include:

  • Structure: The tool should have a structure that is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Searches: Look for a tool that has many options for finding files quickly.
  • Easy to use: A simple system that all employees can use is the key. If it’s difficult to use you won’t be able to utilize on the potential of that tool.
  • Mobile optimized: All tablet and smartphone users need to be able to access the tool.
  • Level of integration: You will have to use that software along with your emails and other programs you depend on, make sure that you choose a tool that can be integrated with them.
  • Security: A good system gives you the ability to limit access how you see fit.
  • Compatible with scanners: Documents need to be scanned to be inserted into a software, so make sure that the tool you use is compatible with most scanners.
Now that you know how online documentation can benefit your business and what the criteria for choosing one is you can begin your search for the one that suits you best and improve your business.



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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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