Office Layout for the Modern Workplace

The much publicized framework of Google’s offices provides us with a peek into how office layout for the modern workplace would be designed in the future. As much as it veers away from traditional concepts and conventional setups, they obviously work since it pushes employees to be more creative and productive at the same time.

It may have something to do with the mean age of the workforce and the nature of the business. But companies of today should start considering ways of NOT conforming to standards of office design. If you feel inclined to rethink the way your workplace is arranged, start with the following elements and literally work your way to a more comfortable and productive office environment.

Location and Position of Office Furniture

One of the keys to modernizing your office space is to avoid following the setup you see in showrooms. You’ll probably notice that the office furniture, tables and cabinets are always lined up parallel to each other. It has worked in the past so some interior decorators just follow suit.

A clever way to command attention from clients is to place an office couch in the waiting area at an odd angle. Fill the space with plants, magazines and coffee a table. It would look like you mean business and ready to work on the next creative project. If you have extra space, try to place the dividers away from the windows so that more natural light can come in.

The modern office is more liberal as far as colour goes. In the past you will likely    encounter earth colours and different shades of grey when walking through office corridors. It’s much better for the eyes when you can work with various contrasts of bright hues. It’s also ideal to incorporate the use of your company’s colour schemes into the paint.

Stairs and Uneven flooring

It’s usually viewed as a challenging prospect for engineers when they are forced to work with uneven floors. Designers have tackled this head on and came up with innovative installations like drawers, rolling text and clear glass fittings below the stairs. The concept transforms the room into post-modern art, and you can expect that visitors will treat the design as a conversation piece with friends and colleagues.

Variable Ceiling Height

If you ask the installers about lighting fixtures, they would prefer a base ceiling to work with, but it can be aesthetically pleasing when you can look at uneven ceilings. However, you need to consult with experts since you might be dealing with piping and wiring systems.

Bizarre Objects

In some offices, it has actually become normal to have a bike or even a video game character displayed permanently in the office lounge. The objects remind workers of their childhood, which is a good thing in that it somehow eases the stress of a busy day.

In addition to the physical attributes of the office environment, you can also implement some updated policies that may reflect on modernized work spaces. Eventually, you’ll be enjoying the benefits of having an office and culture where people are eager to contribute in the growth of the business.



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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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