Office Design Tips To Stay Cool This Summer

During the summer, you may find you get complaints from your employees if your office is too hot. People work most effectively at temperatures between 16 and 22 degrees. If the office is too hot then your staff will become unhappy and productivity will fall.


In order to keep productivity high during the summer months, you need to ensure that you keep your office cool. There are certain ways that you can achieve a comfortable working environment without buying a big and, expensive, air conditioning unit.


1. Make sure all of your south facing windows are covered. South facing windows have direct sunlight on them when the sun is the strongest during the course of the day. Therefore, it is important to have shades or blinds covering the window in order to prevent the hot sunlight from entering and heating up the office. You can do this by purchasing blinds that allow you to shade the light coming into your office, or by purchasing solar screens that reflect the sunlight away from your office.


2. If you can do so securely then leave the windows open during the evening and overnight. Cool night air will enter your office and cool it down ready for the morning.


3. Turn off heat generating equipment when they are not in use. This includes printers, photo copiers, laptops, computers and lights. These objects and equipment generate heat and therefore will in turn heat up the office.


4. Have a water tower in your office that provides cooled water. Even though it doesn’t keep your office cool, if your employees drink cold water throughout the day they will feel cooler.


5. Consider making a DIY air conditioning unit using a fan and and placing a bucket or bowl of frozen water in front of it. As the cold air gets released from the ice, the fan will blow the cool air around the office. You want these particular fans to be pointing slightly towards the ceiling.  Hot air rises, you want to cool this air as much as possible.


6. Get some fans. You do not want too many fans in the office as they will generate heat as the motor turns and they will then do little more than move hot air around the office. Instead you want a few fans. It all depends on the size of your office. If you have floor fans, have these at a slight angle to face upwards. Hot air rises and you want to cool that hot air.


7. Allow your employees to graze throughout the day as oppose to having a fixed lunch time. You will notice that after a medium or large meal that you feel hotter. This is because the body is working to digest your food. The more food you have eaten the harder it has to work. If you allow your employees to graze as they work, then they will not feel so hot during the afternoon.


By following the above tips you will ensure that you retain a comfortable working environment throughout the summer.

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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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