Office Design 101 for High-Growth Businesses

Creating attractive, functional office design can be a daunting project, especially in a large, open space. Office cubicles have been the traditional structure of choice, but they create a maze of separated spaces and cramped quarters. Open office environments are the current trend, but there is also typically a need for some separate spaces for private offices and conference rooms. Glass room partitions have become the standard for creating employee workstations that are beautiful and practical, and they are the foundation for office design with modern cubicle enclosures.

Cubicles: A Workplace Asset

Office cubicles were initially designed as a low-cost way to create offices and employee workstations, but they have also proven to be an asset to a collaborative work environment. Modern materials have given them a contemporary look that is also an asset to beautiful design. Glass, metal and wood combine to create office environments that are innovative and functional while maximizing space with the creation of offices, meeting rooms and seating areas.

Glass Partitions Offer Flexibility

Glass dividers that separate a room but don’t block natural light provide a beautiful look and create comfortable spaces for employees. Privacy can be adjusted based on divider heights and open or closed doorways. Visibility is maintained with the use of glass office partition walls, and employees can enjoy the benefits of natural light throughout the space while also enjoying soundproofing and privacy. Walkways can be created throughout the partitions, around the perimeter or based on the flow of walking traffic.

Create A Modern Look

The contemporary office designed with glass room partitions has a comfortable feel that updates the corporate look and leaves fabric-covered office cubicles and dark corners behind. Glass dividers can be arranged in rows or pods to create a functional traffic flow throughout your office. Taking a close look at doorways and hallways leading to the space can help you to design an optimum floor plan that will arrange employee seating in a way that is conducive to private work and open communication.

Design Open, Flexible Spaces

Creating open gathering spaces is also an important part of contemporary office design. When you need to call a quick meeting, it is important to have a space large enough for all employees to quickly gather. A movable office partition wall can be an easy answer if you don’t have the extra space to devote to a full-time open area. Office room dividers that are easily moved can allow you to grow or change the configuration of your office to meet employee needs with cubicle enclosures.

Portable and Functional Uses

Glass partitions are easy to install and can be customized to fit unusual spaces to maximize the options in your office. They can be used to create many workspaces in a large room, or they can divide a small office into seating area and workspace. Due to the portability, ease of installation and flexibility, any space can be reconfigured into a functional, appealing design that maximizes space and provides a comfortable area for employees to spend their workdays.

Clear or Frosted Glass Designs

When additional privacy is needed, frosted or textured glass is a wonderful option to block views but allow natural light to continue to flow through the space. Textured glass is also a great option for a storage area that looks messy or utilitarian spaces like a copy room or kitchen area. By using both clear and frosted glass throughout the space, you can create open or blocked views based on your specific needs yet maintain a look of continuity and modern style in your office.

Create Focal Points and Views

Glass partitions also allow color to fill the space, and the beauty of rich wall paints, furniture, plants and art can easily be seen through the glass partitions. Solid walls create dark hallways and block opportunities for views of attractive design vignettes throughout the office, but glass opens up the possibilities for all employees to enjoy a beautiful workplace environment. When designing your space, explore the idea of creating focal points within the room and arranging the workspaces and office room dividers to take advantage of the views.

Collaborative Workspaces

Modern work environments can also be structured to allow employees the free use of the entire space and no assigned desks. This creates an environment of collaboration and communication which is conducive to sharing information and brainstorming new ideas. Employees can gather in a central seating area, focus on a specific topic in a conference room, or separate into small groups to work on projects or individual tasks. Mobile technology no longer requires employees to be tied to a specific desk, and creating an undefined, collaborative space can engage and promote creativity.

Thoughtful Office Design

Thoughtful design based on the use of glass office partition walls can create a beautiful office space that is both visually impressive and practical for daily use. The flexibility and modern look of glass office room dividers create an updated office, an ideal working environment and the opportunity for workspace flexibility or growth.



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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