No Brilliant Website, No Successful Business

In today’s digital era, both people and businesses are using the internet for information, shopping, networking, work, development, and more. This is the reason most forward-thinking business owners invest in good websites. But this doesn’t mean that all businesses with websites are reaching their goals. If your website has dreadful navigation and its design is not user-friendly, you will not benefit from it.

The best solution is to invest in a brilliant website that anticipates the needs of your customers and gives you a competitive advantage in your industry. Here are the main benefits of investing in a brilliant website:

1. A Brilliant Website Builds Credibility

Since the number of consumers using the Internet today for information is increasing steadily, your business will get an opportunity to serve targeted customers and gain credibility. A 2015 study conducted by Verisign indicated that 84 percent of consumers consider small businesses with websites more credible than those without.

This study also reported that 65 percent of consumers believe that company branded emails are more credible than generic emails such as Yahoo mail and Gmail. This shows that brilliant websites provide businesses with a professional image. This inspires great confidence and builds customer loyalty. For a home-based business, high-quality websites create a professional platform for advertising products/services & business branding.

2. A Great Site Also Saves You Money

While it is true that you need to spend some money to have your professional website up and running, it is a solid long-term investment. If you consider the cost of advertising your business in a newspaper, you will see that reach is limited (compared to costs). The potential market that your website can reach transcends material barriers & allows you to connect with clients that you wouldn’t have had the chance to meet via traditional media.

Whenever you post your materials on your website, both you and your customers benefit. You do not only save on printing and mailing cost, but also save your time. Your customers have instant access to useful materials. It’s a win-win situation!

Moreover, a brilliant website can have a greater impact than traditional media, as it allows you to illustrate things like movements and animations that printed materials cannot capture. And if you are a customer with Brighthouse Internet, you can access more than 500 000 free cable Wi-Fi hotspots in cities nationwide and use it to market your business locally.

3. It Provides Web Presence Metrics

High-quality websites are great analytics and marketing tools. You can use your site to tailor your products to anticipate the needs & expectations of leads. Some of the key metrics that you can gather in real-time using a website are:

- Number of visitors and sessions per day, week, and month. - Landing & exit pages. - Number of pages per visit. - Demographic information such as age, gender, location, etc. - Behavioral patterns.

If you do not have a high-quality website, it can take many weeks or months to gather relevant user data. Besides, without the analytics data provided by a site, you may be forced to hire marketing experts to evaluate and interpret data.

4. A Great Website Provides Easy Accessibility Great websites are available to both your potential customers and regular customers throughout the year giving them the opportunity to view your products and services at any time, including when your store or office is closed. A study by Verisign indicates that this is a great selling point when marketing purchasing decisions.

This same research indicated that 93% of consumers rely on the Internet to find and evaluate local goods and services before making a purchase. Understanding these numbers makes it possible to appreciate why a significant fraction of the 54% of small businesses that have websites benefit from a clear advantage when it comes to accessibility.

Another 2015 survey that GoDaddy commissioned reported that 83% of businesses that have websites consider that their online platforms give them a competitive adage in the market.

With a record of more than 3.5 billion Google searches each day, businesses without professional websites make it difficult for their customers to locate and patronize their business and learn their products.

5. It Also Enhances Relationships…

Whenever a customer asks for your website address, they expect you to provide it. Telling a customer you don’t have a website is unprofessional. Customers use websites to make informed buying decisions. If you have a website and you customer needs to decide between you and your competitors, a brilliant site will make a huge difference.

An effective website also provides a good way for customers to benefit from a sale. If you support your customers after a sale through your website you can build meaningful relationships and strengthen the authority of your business.

You can also use an opt-in mailing list to inform your leads & customers (who give you permission to contact them) about special offers, discounts, and events.

6. … and Acts as a Hub for Social Media Profiles

If you have a great website but are not using social media yet, you are shooting yourself in the foot. Social media is a useful channel for promoting businesses. You can use it to ensure that information about your business, products, and services are readily available to clients.

Social media also makes it easier for your business to offer customer support and interact with customers directly. Your website acts as an adhesive that holds your social media profiles together and enables your clients and leads to have a clear understanding of your business.

7. It Provides a Platform Where you can Share Your Expertise

Most great websites have business blogs (e.g. Moz, Salesforce, etc.). Blogs can give you an opportunity to share useful info about your industry. This gives your clients and potential customers a chance to learn more about how you can meet their needs. A blog also helps you rank for relevant long-tail keywords. This can make it easier for prospects to find your site, which ultimately helps to drive more traffic to your website.

The era of finding businesses by pulling out the bulky, printed copy of Yellow Pages is gone, and it is good to know that it won’t be returning. If you do not get an effective system to replace this old one, then your business will never flourish.

Having a high-quality website is the only way to put your businesses at the forefront of your prospects’ feeds. If you already have one but are not receiving some or all of these benefits, it may be an appropriate time for a web presence assessment to help you get the most out of this valuable business tool.



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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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