Nine Workplace Additions Your Employees Will Love

If you'd like employees to think your company is a great place to work, it's a great idea to buy some products to make them feel at home. Your employees will appreciate your purchases, and allowing them to feel comfortable may even reduce turnover as well as save your company money. If you feel like these advantages can benefit your business, buying products like these can be a very smart idea.

1. High-Quality Office Chairs

If your employees do most of their work seated, they will appreciate your investment in high quality office chairs. Sitting on poor quality chairs can lead to discomfort at best and back problems at worst. The Office Star Air Grid Leather Chair is an example of a budget-friendly office chair with great reviews.

2. High-Definition Televisions

Treat your employees to the highest quality video with a high-definition television. Regardless of whether you provide videos for entertainment or instructional use, any video content will surely have more impact when it's crystal clear. The HD televisions you buy don't have to have 50-inch screens. The Samsung UN22F5000, for example, has excellent reviews and is affordable regardless of what size you choose to buy.

3. Beanbag Chairs

Beanbag chairs like those by SumoLounge are great for creating places for employees to relax, eat lunch, brainstorm, and create. Places where employees enjoy their lunches or watch training material in addition to their favorite movies or television shows can benefit from beanbag chairs. They can also add a sense of informality to a space.

4. Espresso Machines

If your employees enjoy fine Italian coffees, purchasing an espresso machine is sure to be appreciated and can even make employees more productive if espresso gives them the energy they need. The Nespresso C60 Pixie Espresso Maker is one of Amazon's best-selling espresso machines.

5. High-Definition Monitors

Employees who do a lot of multitasking will be even more useful to your company if they have the screen real estate to comfortably keep track of their progress on all their tasks. Prices for LCD monitors are also falling all the time. The ASUS VS248H-P has proven to be a popular option, and many people are surprised by its low price.

6. Pizza Ovens

Aside from a comfortable workplace, another easy way to make your employees happy is by providing high quality food options. If you feel that pizza is the food your employees need to remain productive throughout their workdays, a pizza oven can be just what your business needs. Hamilton Beach is one example of a company that provides pizza ovens which look as great as the pizza they bake.

7. Blenders

With a blender, the possibilities for creating healthy and delicious beverages are endless. Anything from mango smoothies to increase employee morale during a hot workday to strawberry margaritas for a party would be exciting additions to your company culture. The Hamilton Beach Personal Blender is Amazon's best-selling blender.

8. Candy Jars

Candy jars are among the simplest additions that can improve your work environment. During frustrating assignments or stressful days, great-tasting treats can be quite encouraging. If you choose to provide candy, it's recommended that managers talk to employees about candy jar etiquette and who has the responsibility to refill the jar. The possibilities for candy jars designs are endless. And whether you fill the jars with candy or healthier options like peanuts and other nuts, your employees will be fueled with the energy to create their best work.



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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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