New Markets are Like Dating

Imagine you see someone and you are instantly attracted.

You decide that the first steps to take are:


  • Research EVERYTHING about them
  • Learn any languages that they speak
  • Draft a pre-nuptial agreement
  • Buy the engagement ring
  • Plan every aspect of the wedding
  • Short-list names of children you will have together
  • Go house hunting for the marital home
As absurd as the above may sound you would be astounded at the people who take a similar approach when it comes to finding new markets.

In regard to relationships we quickly discovered that a great deal of pain can be avoided if we try to establish as soon as possible whether the other party has any primary school trusted confidents are tasked with posing the question “my friend likes you do you like him?”

When seeking new markets we should be focused on finding out as quickly as possible if there is any interest.

A whole industry has developed to convince you must learn the language, understand the culture, tariffs, transport, packaging issues, legislation...the list is endless.

To be clear, the above information may be needed at some point just not at the beginning.

Getting an answer to the simple question “would you buy my product or service” in an overseas market has been expensive and protracted. Until now.

Seeking New Markets for You

Overseas Results is a new service designed to provide the answer for any country in the world in 3 weeks or your money back.

You can be up and running in 10 minutes. There are no contracts or tie-ins.

The country you select will determine the low fixed fee you pay.

The incredibly low fee’s are possible due to the fact that no time is wasted providing you with information on your chosen country’s;

  • Politics
  • Currency
  • Climate
  • Legislation etc etc
Only feedback from customers on your product or service.

SBC members can access the Overseas Results service to find customers anywhere in the world. See below for discount details.


Discount: SBC15%

SBC members will receive an exclusive 15% off our already incredibly low prices for any projects started during the 30 days of the promotional campaign. This offer runs until the 30th June.

Visit and enter SBC15%




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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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