New Design Trends in Small Business Marketing

Creativity is one of the most valuable assets of a graphic designer and keeping up with the constant trend in the market is very important for his/her creative career. Feed your creativity and nurture it with constant care, let it be accessible to you when it need it the most, in order to develop the best graphics design ideas and solutions. Substance and content go hand in hand and are very important; however, one may not forget that creative web designs helps in attracting and maintaining readership. Thus, being a little more creative would be a great way to bring together content and web design.

New design trends in small business marketing

In today’s technologically advanced world it is not a surprise if in your dream the natural and usual world is replaced by graphics and virtual reality. We are in such a fast lane towards graphic designing today that the modern world’s pictures are painted on a computer as a canvas. Thus, paving a larger than life path towards this endless saga, we bring to you the top 10 new design trends in small business marketing.

1. iOS Design

As stated by Apple working on improving the way iOS works it led them to re-work on how it looks. The idea was to make it look even better being on the same page as how it works. A wonderful initiative by Apple and an excellent idea that has put a big smile on all Apple users.

2. Gingham Style

A style based on concepts such as picnics, outdoors which bring out the warm positive vibe of summer is the gingham style. In other words, today, most companies such as stationary, fashion design, furniture, product packaging, interior design and many are more driven towards the gingham style because of its simplicity and warmth.

3. Simplified Shapes

Planning to carry out the simplicity of your product in a bold manner? Try simplifying shapes! Simplified shapes use clean and clear patterns of color, playful graphic styles, easy yet simplified illustrations, which not only brings out your product in a simple manner but makes it look way bolder than others in the market.

4. Minimal Mind Design Trend

As per one of the leading magazines, the present packaging design ideas takes “negative space” as its center stage. This minimal mind graphic design idea brings out a new organic approach, which immaculate white spaces and requires minimal graphics when compared to decorative graphic designs and trends that are prevailing in the market today. This design trend requires subtle color pops that is appearing to be small through simple illustrations, tiny circles, and paint drips.

5. Blackout Packaging

Giving your brand/product a global look with graphic patterns that bring out innovation can be easily achieved with the right color choice. The color black being a universal favorite of many brings out luxury in most packaging brands. To understand this design style you may try to add a dark palette to a Dominos Pizza box and check out how the palette design transforms. Additional design elements of blackout packaging includes simple and pure fonts, tone-on-tone approach, combination of high-shine and matte surfaces that help in reflecting the different shades of black and many more.

6. Sweet Nostalgic Design Ideas

The sweet nostalgic design is one of the design ideas that has become quite popular with the confectionery industry. The design not only stimulates but it also showcases the stunning portfolio of the particular brand/product/company. The design includes polka dots, spots, bold vertical stripes, pastel colors, a mix of fonts that are slanted and vintage and fonts that include blocks and handwriting.

7. Tattoo Designs And Styles

Tattooed pinups that include fluid line work and are heavy when it comes to details are one of the most happening graphic trends in the market today. Most of the tattooed pinup styles and designs include female portraits as their center of attraction. The dominant colors used in this sort of styling include vibrant bold colors of red, black, and white.

8. Quirky Characters

The inclusion of quirky characters by most of the leading fashion experts in the industry in itself brings out the importance of this particular design trend. The elements included by this particular design are urban illustrative designs, cartoons that have gangly legs and arms and goofy looks, characters that emphasize street-wear and are clad in caps and sneakers, cartoon/comical faces drawn on drinks or food, personified objects – the stranger the better goes well with this trend.

9. Graphic Round Style

The graphic round style includes bold typography that brings out the aesthetic-style, illustrative motifs, plays with graffiti, inspiration from the icons of “secret society”. The style goes well with today’s fashion needs and T-shirt companies are making their best out of this design trend.

10. Original Illustrations, Portraits and Design Styles

A design idea that is inspired by nature and includes delicate yet loose sketches, uninterrupted line drawings, illustrations that are stitched, soft feminine aesthetics and motifs such as leaves, birds, flowers, insects and many more. The design includes handwritten text, textures of watercolor, pastel colors and monochromatic color palette,

Today, the internet has unquestionably turned into an exciting virtual world to surf, it has become more colorful, and creative ideas and designs just get better as time passes by. The following article offers you details with respect to the top 10 graphic design ideas for the year 2013 that you must not miss!!



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