Never Dismiss The Importance Of Testing

Nowadays technology surrounds us and in business we need to basically stay up-to-date with everything that happens. This automatically means that our companies will be forced to offer innovation. This is not at all difficult since we can so easily hire developers or create something that would be perfect for our customers. The problem is that this opens the doors to so many possible problems. The one that is more common than we may believe at the moment is a lack of testing.

No matter what we want to create, we need to test it. Even when using a simple app we have to be sure it will work properly. Unfortunately, some people basically try to save as much money as possible and they dismiss the professional testing team. This is not something that you have to even consider. According to many professionals, including industry testing leaders, company owners simply want to save money and only perform basic tests.

Why Can We Lose Money?

We have to be completely honest. Before the launch of any app or practically anything, some testing is done by the developers or an internal team that is employed by the company that offers new technology and software. You are tempted to save money by doing all tests alone and this is what leads towards a loss of money that many do not comprehend.

In order to properly understand why we can lose money, let us think about a really simple example. Let’s say that we launch an app that makes it really easy for someone with a smartphone to buy something from a store we run. In this case, we can easily lose money in the event there is a security flaw and hackers gain access. The law suits that can follow in this case are huge and they can easily break the entire company.

It should also be mentioned that whenever a bug is discovered as the development process is over, solving it will be a lot more expensive than simply having solved it during the development phase. To put it as simply as possible, the more time passes, the higher the possibility we would have to spend more to solve bugs that are eventually discovered.

Never Dismiss The Importance Of Testing

We need testing work to be done in practically anything we launch from a really simple web application to a car. While it is obvious why testing is important for vehicles, many fail to see the importance of testing when referring to simple apps. Never make the same mistake! It will inevitably lead towards a loss of money.

The last thing we should say is that it is a really bad idea to simply hire a freelancer to do the entire work for you. It is something you would easily consider because of reduced costs. One freelancer can never do the entire testing work that would be necessary in a complicated project, one that prepares suitable applications for a large audience.



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Friday, 19 July 2019
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