Most Innovative and Unique Marketing Campaigns

With the upsurge of modern media platforms, most business companies are looking for the best marketing campaigns that can enforce their message, solution or product into the demanding and extremely digital consumer market. Therefore, they are after creating new and unique ideas that can enable them leave a lasting impact and stand out against the rest in today’s competitive world. However, they are still asking themselves what a remarkable marketing campaign entails. Essentially, it is the uniqueness and the ability of a campaign to create a good and lasting impression on the audience while at the same time creating a positive impact. Notably, learning from the best is the way to go and here are some examples of the most innovative and unique marketing campaigns.

True Blood: Revelation

The fact that the marketing campaign of HBO’s True Blood first season was so remarkable is because it was designed to depict the myth of the show itself. What touched most bloggers is an email with a video that contained vials of strange red liquid with scary messages and a link to a website called The video also featured real vampires threatening to reveal themselves to human population while others arguing on the contrary. Additionally, an outdoor poster campaign was created to promote a new beverage (TruBlood) that enabled vampires to live among human beings and availed on alongside PSAs supporting equal rights of vampires. The poster was pinned to all major metro areas and didn’t even mention the TV show. This campaign made True Blood one of the most anticipated shows at the time by intriguing audience.

2008 Presidential Campaign: Barack Obama

From being a barely recognizable senator to become the 44th US President, Barack Obama was supported by a brilliantly executed marketing campaign that took the media platforms by storm while at the same time finding grassroot support. The campaign dominated YouTube gaining over twenty million views and attaining 2.5million Facebook fans on his fan page. The campaign was elevated by the fact that the videos and photos were genuine, issue-oriented and full of calls to action among the American people. Additionally, it entirely connected with all people through all channels making him popular and landing him in the White House. Therefore, in order to for a company to make the most out of a campaign they should exploit all the media platforms.

Coca-Cola-Small World Machines

Coca-Cola company’s while advertising their vending machines came up with one of the most amazing campaigns ever. The Small World Machine campaign sought to unite people from different parts of the world. In fact, it unites fans from Pakistan and India for brief pleasurable moments. The campaign provides real-time camera feeds of a touchscreen vending machine and friends in New Delhi, India and Lahore, Pakistan exchanging gestures and dance with a free Coke. What it sought to point out is that you can quench your thirst wherever you are with Coke. Therefore, a good campaign should be involving.

Elf Yourself

It was all about uploading images of you, your family and friends dancing and watch them as Christmas elves. As simple as it was, it later became one of the most remarkable tradition years later after its launch in 2006. Elf Yourself has become a viral phenomenon with most people today participating in it. What one can deduce from Elf Yourself campaign is that the campaign should be easy to share allowing audience participation to the extend of the strategy becoming a tradition.

Dove - Evolution

In this Dove campaign, women were asked to describe themselves to a forensic sketch artist . Most of them found out that they knew little about their physical looks and what Dove did was to show a woman’s true beauty. This Evolution clip shows the steps towards attaining billboard fame by fast forwarding through the makeup, photoshoot and Photoshopping. The message attached to the video is clear, precise and powerful exactly what a marketing clip should look like.

It is clear that the greatest marketing campaigns have something amazing that can be utilized to achieve a marketing goal today. Whether it's internet marketing or new promotional merchandise, business companies should clearly study advertising strategies for hints to a great and innovative campaign.



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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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