Mortgages for the Self Employed


A mortgage for someone who is self-employed is not really a real loan. Lenders will merely make a modification change to their assessment application and offer you the same mortgage as someone in a standard salary position. However, to keep things as simple as possible, they will refer to this as a self-employed mortgage in the self-employment guide.

How to get a mortgage if you are self-employed?

To apply for a mortgage is a complex process as it is, but when you are self-employed, it could be even more intricate. It was fairly easy to obtain a mortgage loan if you were self-employed before the 2008 credit crisis when they would just get ‘self-certified’ mortgages by just telling the lender what you earned. However, because of the credit crisis, this is no longer conceivable and lenders now need to see detailed proof of your income showing precisely how much you earn prior to them approving a mortgage for anybody who is self-employed.

Why is it hard for those who are self-employed to get mortgages?

If you work as a self-employed person, mortgage lenders examine you as a much higher risk than those who are employed and receive a stable salary. The income is considered to be variable and does not reflect at only at one level for a stable period. Lenders wish to lend to individuals that reflect a lower risk. So, receiving a self-employed mortgage loan is probable, but they suggest that you pursue guidance prior to making requests. You are able to get specialist self-employed advice from our skilled advisers who are expert mortgage guides at all times.

What is needed for a mortgage request?

Lenders will need to verify proof of your self-employment income, normally over a time-span of 1 to 3 years. In spite of that, how they evaluate your income will differ based on if you operate like a partnership, or a sole trader, or act as a limited company or as a contractor.

What they consider

For a sole trader, any lender will study the net revenue of your business and if a partnership, they look at each partner's portion of the profit along with any draws. If you are one of the directors of a limited company, lenders will naturally take into consideration your salary plus dividends, although some will also consider profits that are retained. Contractors may get distinct action with some lenders who might be willing to look at the daily pay rate if the individual has a record of strong tracking in their line of work

Suggested list

Below is a list of documents to organize for any self-employed mortgage request. This is only a guide and lenders might want other documents. When seeking for a person to help you with this paperwork, keep in mind that many lenders will maintain that an accountant who is certified or chartered organizes the accounts.

  1. 1 to 3 years' worth of accounts arranged by an accountant when part of a limited company;
  2. SA302's for 1 to 3 years – this form is for self-assessment showing your personal income declared to HMRC and the amount of taxes you paid;
  3. Three months of bank statements;
  4. Proof of all your deposits;
  5. Particulars of any debt reimbursements and other outgoings.




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