Mobile Tech Theory Expands, and Tech Support Must Expand With It

The great expansion of mobile computing which has happened in our time is nothing short of amazing. According to Nicholas C. Zakas, a web technologist formerly employed by Yahoo!, our mobile phones today are more powerful and sophisticated than the banks of computers that guided Prospero into orbit. Indeed, even a dialup modem seems as antiquated today as a horse and buggy—whoever had the patience to use such a thing? But as mobile tech theory expands, tech support must expand with it to keep up with demand.

A Career in Mobile Tech Support

A career in mobile tech support could be the wisest choice for many recent UK graduates, according to Seth Bailey, CEO of iTOK, a website offering technical support services. That's because as mobile device technology becomes more and more sophisticated, the possible problems and glitches in mobile technology also multiply, increasing the demand for trained and skilled support. Some of the issues that technical support personnel will be facing in the coming years are latency, security, and cloud computing.

A Stepping Stone

It should be apparent that starting a career in mobile tech support can lead to many other enhanced positions in security, IT and data management, to name just a few possibilities. In the coming years, tech support will continue to be an excellent stepping stone for career advancement in every corporation and business.

The Latency Challenge

The term 'latency' refers to the delay between request and response, whether on your desktop or on your mobile device. It all depends on how much bandwidth is available. Traditionally, wired devices like desktops have more bandwidth available, while mobile devices like iPhones have less bandwidth available. Mobile device users, especially those who cram their devices full of apps both essential and recreational, may find their mobile apps' response time frustratingly slow. Tech support will have to be up on the latest ways and means of increasing bandwidth for mobile device clients.

Mobile Banking Apps—Secure or Not?

This may come as a shock to some, but according to Mary Russon, at the UK International Business Times, 90% of current mobile banking apps are vulnerable to interception. Your personal financial data could be an open book to those who have no business but bad business in obtaining it. Security standards must be improved, and tech support is going to be in the front lines of this as they educate and protect consumers.

Mobile Platforms in the Clouds

Mobile platforms are increasing at an exponential rate, as are the cloud carriers necessary to service them. A recent story on NPR details how the major players, such as Google and Amazon, are scouring the globe for suitable environments for their huge data centers. Each of these data centers uses enough electricity to power a small British city. To cut cooling costs, the Antarctic is being considered as a possible base of operations—but where will the electric power come from?

It's just possible that in the near future, a bottleneck will occur in the building of these gigantic data centers. And the results could be pretty annoying: more consumers and less availability. Technical support teams will play a crucial part in preventing this from happening by helping their clients install and run more efficient platforms, replacing older platforms that sprawl too much. Tech support may even transform into gatekeepers of a sort, having the power to approve or disapprove what apps and what platforms an employee uses on the company's mobile devices.

Regardless of how the future plays out, it's clear that tech support will play a large and visible role. [box] Using the power of our growing community, we have negotiated a range of discounts and special offers on vital business services you need to run and grow your business. [button color="#009933" button link="“]Visit Our Webstore[/button] [/box]



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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