Mobile Branding: A Look At Google’s New Logo

As 2015 draws to a close, it’s clear that mobile devices are all the more ubiquitous in our lives. We can go anywhere and do anything with remarkable ease. The increasingly fast development of technology, predicted by technology experts for years, pushes us further into the realm of extreme convenience and efficiency.

One industry leader that undoubtedly understands the notion of increasing ubiquitous mobility is Google. Their numerous platforms and apps span across all devices. Google is with you wherever you go, no matter what you’re doing — and makes it easy to do practically anything.

The marketing team at Google has decided to act in order to better communicate this exact idea to their users. Sooner or later, if not already, you’ll recognize a Google product whenever you’re using it. Google does this in hopes that it welcomes more users into expanding to more of their products and makes the “Google experience” more enjoyable.

Google’s new logo combines all the components of the company’s ubiquity into one easy to recognize and understandable symbol. The colors represent the many platforms, apps, and devices and how they are all unique yet one in the same. This logo illustrates a prime example of the concept of mobile branding with intent. It’s a strong move by Google and will likely become standard in the industry.

As we move about our day-to-day lives chatting on our smartphones, surfing the Web on our laptops, watching Netflix on our iPads, or getting some work done on our desktop PCs, there’s an ongoing competition to grab our attention from one provider to the next. Google has proven successful. Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and Uber are not far behind. Each attempts to steal as much time and attention away from one another as possible.

Today, we’re truly are witnessing the future of mobile branding. As technology continues to save us more time and money, we’ll continue to develop stronger relationships with each of these providers. We’ll undoubtedly learn a lot more about Google and its competitors as time goes on. We’ll start identifying ourselves further and further as fans of one company or the other, creating communities of mobile fanatics (hello, Apple!).

Branding will lead the way of all of these developments. We’ll begin to identify directly with — and benefit directly from — these providers, although that’s likely to come at the expense of other services. In the end, we’ll all react differently to each company and settle with the ones we enjoy the most.

Further, poor brand strategy and management could lead to the demise of any one of these gigantic companies. They will have to learn quickly, move swiftly, and with accuracy if they hope to win us over in the long run.

With its logo change, Google seems to what it takes to be a leader in the new mobile marketing reality. Will its competitors?



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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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