Maximize your PPC Campaign With These 7 proven Strategies

PPC (pay-per-click) is an effective online marketing tactic because only those who are interested in what you are offering will click on the ad, meaning higher ROI. There are several proven strategies that will ensure your PPC campaign is successful.
  1. Take advantage of review extensions: Review extensions are relatively new, but they are proving to be very effective in PPC campaigns. A top SEO expert will ensure they come from 3rd party sites, excluding Yelp and reviews from your site (because the Google AdWords team vets reviews). Not only do review extensions lead to higher click-through rates, but they also lend greater credibility and credence to your brand.
  1. Link your campaign with Product Listing Ads (PLAs): Combining PLAs with PPC will give you greater success in your campaign. You will need a Google Merchant Center account for this, which allows you to upload product feeds to Google. It is up to Google to choose the products and the pictures to show alongside the keywords used. Note that Google has recently made enhancements to optimize PLAs for mobile devices.
  1. Run multiple campaigns: If your business has different sections or departments, your SEO expert NY should run separate campaigns for each section. As an example, if you are a general contractor and you offer different services like heating, electric, and construction, one campaign will not do because you will not target the right people. You will have better control on keyword use with different AdGroups.
  1. Use both display and search network to build the campaign: A good NY SEO company will use search network as the primary strategy, but you should also consider display network. You should, however, not use both the display network and the search network on the same campaign. This is because, whereas search networks are used for direct responses, display networks are useful in brand awareness. Note that Google’s Display Select allows you to direct and control response ads via your display network. Consider using your display network for locating in-market buyers who will give you higher click-through rates.
  1. Competitive analysis: You should consider what successful websites are doing. Particularly, consider the type of ads and their placement on the websites. This is easy to do, but you should hire a NY SEO marketing company so that you can concentrate on your core business.
  1. Use call extensions: Call extensions are listed just below the ads. Turning on call extensions is particularly important for businesses that offer services. With the many untrustworthy websites out there, this will bring you out as being more credible. You can always turn the listed numbers off after hours our use the Google forwarding number.
  1. Use location extensions: You may argue that customers are not interested in your location because you are based online, but using location extensions improves your credibility. This is particularly important if you are running a local PPC campaign since your location will be more visible to searchers in your proximity.
Other proven strategies you will find with the best SEO expert are:
  • Use of link extensions
  • Use of social extensions
  • Increasing mobile bidding
  • Rotating ads evenly
  • Leveraging buyer, city, and action keywords in ads
  • Including relevant characters to draw more attention in your ads


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Monday, 22 July 2019
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