Maximise the Impact of Your Business Signs

Even though the internet now plays a huge part in most marketing strategies, traditional print promotion shouldn’t be neglected. More specifically, business signs haven’t lost their impact and as long as people are passing by or visiting your premises they never will.

Business signs help to reinforce your brand’s identity, drive sales and grow your business. They are powerful communication tools that could be the first and only impression you get to make on your audience. Whether you’re looking for new business signs or to update your old lot, use these tips to help you get your message across most effectively:

Research your Competitors

Get your detective cap on and go a mission to discover what your competitors are doing. Check out the signage of businesses similar to yours and signage for any of your surrounding business premises. If you’re up to speed with the (not so) secrets evident in your rival advertisements then you can:

a. gain inspiration

b. go one better

Choose with Care

The type of signs you need will depend on what you want to achieve from the signs and who you want to target.

Choose the function:

  • Advertisement for your business premises
  • Advertisement of information specific to your products or services – e.g. a discount
Choose your audience:
  • General audience: the public/passers-by
  • Specific audience: your potential and/or existing customers
For example, if you wanted to advertise your business to the public, you would choose an exterior building sign and if you wanted to advertise a promotion to your potential customers you might opt for an interior poster.

Attract Attention

Go big, bold and creative with your signs for maximum attention from your audience. When choosing the designs of your signs take into account:

  • Colours
Bright, contrasting colours are great for catching the eye but a more minimal design can also appeal to a loyal audience.
  • Fonts
Ensure your font is clear and can be easily read from a distance. Experiment with bold and italic effects to help direct the eye towards particular information.
  • Brand Consistency
Your designs must fit seamlessly with the rest of your branding, to help your business maintain and improve the recognition of its identity.
  • Visibility
Consider where your signs will be placed and how surrounding colours or lights could affect their visibility. You might want to choose illuminated signs or install additional lighting indoors.

Get Your Message Across

No matter what the type of sign, when it comes to copy the same key rule applies: less is more. Stick to one message per sign to make it easy for your audience to read, understand and identify.

With interior promotional signs that advertise more information, always ensure that your central message takes priority and that all additional information takes a backseat. Promotional signs should also always include:

a. a benefit &

b. a call to action

to encourage your potential customers to engage with your brand.

Get up to speed with the factors that make business signs powerful and watch your business grow...

This post was written by Hannah Richards: a passionate business signs designer at



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Monday, 22 July 2019
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