Marrying Online and Offline Marketing Efforts for Success

As the world becomes increasingly dominated by the internet, more and more businesses are turning to online-only techniques to turn interested consumers into clients or customers. Newspapers and radio, the two main avenues for off-line advertising in the past, are dwindling and network TV is close on their heels.

But as the Internet continues to grow, evolve, and change, the effectiveness of both on-and-offline marketing campaigns are fluid. In fact, many current marketers may be surprised to learn that most effective approach is an integrated one, where online and off-line advertising work in tandem, converting more often than either one on its own.

An Integrated Approach

Did you know that graphic ads such as billboards and even business cards can be used to drive both organic and direct traffic to your website? According to Levy Online, a Vegas-based marketing agency, the increased recognition from billboards and television ads can provide a huge boost to branded Google searches, leading clients directly to your product or service. A prime example of this is local attorney Adam S. Kutner. Despite an incredibly saturated and competitive local market, Kutner has built online success by investing in offline ads.

Although these types of brand-building mediums differ greatly in reach and size, they share a common goal: getting eyes on your website. They should be eye-catching and give just enough information to entice people to look for more information. No one sees a billboard or picks up a business card and instantly signs a contract or makes a purchase. Consumers need time to feel comfortable with a company or professional individual before they open their wallets.

The vast majority of consumers have mobile devices with them most of the time, which provides the perfect opportunity for them to look for more information immediately. A billboard that prominently displays the website address will encourage the viewer to pick up their phone or tablet – hopefully not while driving - and get more information about what the company has to offer. A simple business card can contain a printed QR code that makes it even easier for them to find their way to your company’s site.

Radio and TV Still Potent Channels

Television shows, movies and music will never disappear as forms of entertainment for the general public (though the landscape may be shifting, with Netflix and Hulu carving out a substantial niche.) Buying ad time and put your name in front of millions of people at the same time. With a professionally crafted presentation, people should be inspired to take action based on its content. This will require a bit of an investment, both in high caliber video production and buying ad time.

The ads placed on TV or radio also need particular goals. While some companies may promote a particular product or service, most want to establish a long-term relationship with the customer or client. This allows them to sell multiple times to the same person. Using these spots to point people to the website or social media page online helps to build this type of trust and familiarity.

With so many options available to the modern marketer, integrating online and offline advertising makes sense. Not only do real-world ads, such as billboards and television commercials helps the general public recognize your company and develop a positive attitude toward it, but they can greatly increase the amount of traffic coming to your online sites. By formulating a cohesive goal, marketing techniques as divergent as a billboard and a scannable QR code can work together and lead to success.



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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