Marketing, Animals, Colours and Break-Even: A Free Guide

MBA in a day

I was at an MBA in a day event a few weeks ago. A full update of the thinking by all the guru’s, against 4 key topics:

1. leadership

2. organisation

3. strategy

4. execution.

Kotler was mentioned. The father of the 4Ps (for those designing a pub quiz; Kotler did not invent the 4Ps, E. Jerome McCarthy did).

Free guide

We wrote a guide about marketing, as it seems to be topic that a lot of businesses are struggling with. We tried to keep it simple and ask you a range of questions that will make you think.

  • Such as describing your brand as an animal, colour, music or as an actor
  • Trying to describe what makes you unique
  • Asking about sales and break-even point
Very simple (we hope). With a number of guides available to support it, such as PR, social media, etc.. You can go to our web shop and download it for free

Biggest marketing mistake

At the MBA in a day, Kotler was firmly put in the strategy section, and the key lesson is that most company and people only focus on one P in the marketing mix. The biggest mistake businesses make, is not to integrate marketing across all functions, but only focus on the P of promotion as marketing. Marketing is much more than that. It should be fully integrated in your company, across all functions.

Holistic marketing

Which suggest that marketing is not strategy but organisation? To help design your product or service as an experience. And that is the message of the guide. And of Kotler


It also allows you to ask us questions. Ask and we will make sure you get the answer. And if you have any feedback, we love to hear it. If you disagree with anything of it, great, we can have an argument on the forum




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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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