Manage Positive Procrastination in Business Operations - 6 Tips to Consider

Procrastination, a well-known behavior that causes an unpleasant feeling of pressure, fear, and discomfort. So, can we overcome this self-defeating behavior?

Well, you have been probably taught that procrastination is pretty bad - it indicates that you are careless, unprofessional, lazy, or disorganized. Obviously, procrastination is quite common and this behavior may tend to annoy you and your team members. In fact, it may cause certain issues within the work environment or create several concerns among your colleagues. That's why it's important to understand how to successfully combat procrastination. The best part is that - there are a few proven techniques which will help you on efficiently managing positive procrastination in business operations:

1. Ascertain the Actual Cause

Before combating procrastination, it's recommended to determine what actually causes it. Ideally, the cause can vary a bit & it's absolutely people-specific. In general, procrastination is the case while you're having too much work & without knowing from where to start. According to the reliable statistics, the following three reasons generally cause procrastination.
  • When a particular task clearly lacks the "fun" element; it turns to become an unpleasant and boring task.
  • When you do not possess the right skill to complete a particular task.
  • And, when you're unable to properly focus on a particular task.
Once, you've determined the actual cause of such stalling behavior, you can now use various fruitful strategies to combat against it.

2. Break Down the Assigned Task into Sequential Steps

When tackling the common issues of procrastination, it's important to break down the assigned task into a set of sequential steps. You can break down a certain task into smaller chunks/steps until you obtain a clear picture from where to start, how to identify or highlight and tackle the complex parts, and how to meet the deadline.

Also note, the aforementioned strategy is a part of efficient project management and it's effective for overcoming procrastination or managing it successfully in regular business operations.

3. Schedule the Due Dates & Getting Organized

Another important technique to manage positive procrastination in business operations is to schedule the due dates and getting yourself organized (before time). In order to effectively follow this strategy, you must consider tracking your timings.

By counting this, you can well-utilize the time usage and re-focus yourself. Plus, it gives you an incredible opportunity to learn on how to become more organized with respect to available time. Note, you can review or track the timing either manually or using the help of a simple time-tracking software.

4. Strongly Maintain Your Focus

To overcome procrastination, it's utmost essential to maintain your focus. In fact, once you're perfectly focused, you can easily achieve a complex milestone, become even more successful, endeavor a commendable career path, and efficiently manage positive procrastination.

You can try to work in such a work environment where you're less accessible. In this way, it will be pretty easier to completely focus on yourself & the assigned task. However, if you're working on a laptop, it's always recommended to eliminate the potential distractions that tend to cause unwanted disturbances on your work schedule.

5. Encourage & Motivate Yourself

Always keep yourself motivated and influenced. To accomplish this strategy, you can use positive self-talk or follow a motivating quote. Some inherent benefits that you'll enjoy (when you're motivated) are less pressure, improved performance, more commitment, clearer thinking, and an overall contentment.

Also, you should identify both your strengths and weaknesses. Obviously, there is always a room for growth and training for improvement. By working on your weaknesses and boosting your strengths, you can certainly manage procrastination at any business operation.

6. The Final Tip

In this article, you have already revealed few crucial strategic tips that will help you to eradicate procrastination from any business. Remember, it may not happen within an overnight or instantly.

The idea is to be little diligent, become more organized, become more professional, learn to manage your time, make yourself motivated, remain focused, provide consistent effort, work on your major weaknesses - and the improvements will be soon noticed.

Finally, don't forget to use procrastination to your advantage - use your fear as your motivator - use procrastination in such a way to get your job done as early as possible!

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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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