Making You Think About The Business….

We'll keep plugging away promoting the Business Achievers registration for the next couple of months, then at the end of the Summer, we'll make a big push to get as many of you entered as we can.

Strategic thinking

The gentle reminders from now and over the summer are important because we want to keep strategic thinking on the radar. The summer months, which might be quiet for many, are a good time to reflect on the year so far. What's working to generate business; what's not; what needs to be changed or tweaked?

Make a plan

It's also a good time to be thinking about next year and getting a plan sorted our in your mind and transferred to paper. Are your products right for customers and distributers? Are you offering value for money? Are you making money? Are you broadening your range of customers or, like too many small businesses, are you too dependent on only a handful?

Distribution is key

We go back to an old Mantra that's probably boring the hell out of you at this stage: Distribution is key. So have you a distribution strategy? Can you scale your business by selling direct? Are you looking for partners that will broaden your routes to market? And have you gotten your pricing and commission strategies right for them? Can you sell direct AND through partners or is this causing channel conflict?

Funding keeps you awake

Funding, funding and funding: The bane of every CEOs life! But it is your raison d'être. Whether its through sales, family, fools and friends, state agencies, bankers, investors, credit unions, the main responsibility and probably the biggie that's keeping you awake at night is funding. You'd better have your strategy right if you want to get a good nights sleep!

Help available

We've tools and techniques that can help with your planning.
  • Enter the Business Achievers Awards. They'll help you think about your business and work on it!
  • Use our Business Planning tool. It's free and 500 users are now saying that it leads to the generation of a pretty comprehensive and very professional business plan. (Some of the 500 not all of them:)
  • Have a look at the Resource Centre where all the stage agencies and the funding help offered are listed.
  • If you're considering buying anything along the lines of websites, virtual office services, online accounting, electricity, take a look at some of our members. People like yourself that have created heavily discounted offers for SBC users.
  • Remember, you're not alone. If you post questions or queries on the forum, we'll make sure you get answers and help.
  • And of course you can contact us at info@smallbusinesscan, if you want some help with the planning.


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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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