Making a Tough Choice between Two Quality Vendors

When you’re looking to outsource a service for your business, whether it’s to hire a web design company, online marketing provider, fulfillment company, call center service, or other provider, the decision-making process is usually difficult. On the one hand, you’re more than likely interested in finding a company that can do a high quality job. On the other hand, you’re probably trying to find the best rates possible in order to get a good return on your investment. So what happens if you get through the screening process and have the choice narrowed down to two potential providers? And what if you simply can’t decide between the two, since they both seem like they’d be a great fit? Ask yourself the below questions in order to make the best choice between two high quality vendors.

Which Provider is a Better Organizational Fit?

Every company is different in terms of their core values, vision and overall “reason for being.” And every company has their own distinct goals, strategies and tactics that lead them towards the fulfillment of their goals. If you’re having a difficult time deciding between a couple of providers, take a further look at the high level vision of each company and try to find the more appropriate match with your business. The core values and vision of a business will dictate how they treat their customers, so aligning with a company that matches your company’s values will more than likely provide a more harmonious relationship.

How do their People Treat You?

Speaking of how a company treats its customers – pay very close attention to the way that every member of each of the potential providers treats you. While most companies “put their best foot forward” with regard to the sales process and try to provide a good experience in order to “win your business”, you’ll still be able to notice certain patterns about how companies react and relate to customers throughout the sales process. For example, when they’re conflict, does it have to go through numerous levels in the chain of command, or is your representative able to make a quick decision? And it can be simple interactions as well that represent the face of the company – from how quickly they respond to the manner in which they communicate. By choosing the company that “fits” the way you like to be treated, you’ll make the communication process easier.

Who can you Trust?

Trust is a very important factor when choosing an outsourced provider. But it’s simply not talked about a whole lot in the screening process, largely because most of the time is focused on ability to do the job and pricing. So make sure that you decide in your own mind who is the most trustworthy provider. And be careful not to simply rely upon references, as these can be slanted and almost scripted. Look at the entire spectrum of each providers trust factor – including references, awards, quality processes, performance metrics, contractual terms, etc.

Of course, if all else fails, then look at both companies and choose the one that has the brand and image that you enjoy most. After all, this is better than simply drawing straws!

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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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