Making a Great Ad for PPC Marketing

Businesses involved in PPC marketing and advertising are always looking for ways to increase their click through rates. Nevertheless, many do not realize that the first step to achieving this is to have a good ad. Without a good ad, your website will be performing below par in terms of traffic and conversions.

Keywords and PPC Marketing

The main aim of putting up ads is to get searchers to click on them. To make this happen you need to use relevant keywords in your title and content. Web tracking software can help you identify the right keywords that help increase your click-through ratio and sales. If your ad matches what searchers type in the search engine, they get the impression that you have exactly what you are looking for so they will click on your ad.

Identifying a list of keywords relevant to your business is not enough – you need to group them into a logical hierarchy. Using semantically-grouped keywords will make it easier for you to create PPC ads because the text you write will apply to all related terms at the same time. Additionally, the search engines will recognize when your PPC ad groups have related keywords and this will work to your advantage. The goal is to group the keywords into small-themed segments and bid only on the relevant ones.

There are powerful keyword grouping tools that you can use to group your keywords according to their frequency and relevance. These tools come with filtering preferences that help you to group the keywords into the desired hierarchy. There is a central interface that helps you turn the keyword groups into ad groups for your PPC campaign.

The right keywords have to be used in a manner that makes sense for them to give the desired outcomes. Using keywords in text that does not make sense will not help you accomplish much. There are many options online so searchers will not waste time on your ad if they do not understand it. Ensure that the spelling and grammar are good as searchers will judge you negatively if you ad is carrying simple mistakes.

Content and PPC Marketing

Online searchers are usually looking to fulfil a need. Your ad needs to convince them that your product or service will help them achieve exactly that. They are also known to engage in a lot of spontaneous or impulsive purchases. These are usually caused by a positive emotional response to what they come across online. You therefore need a creative ad that appeals to these people in just a few words. The aim is to elicit a strong emotional reaction which compels them to click on the ad. For example, rather than dwelling on the features of your product, a list of the benefits associated with your product will have more impact in terms of clicks and conversions.

Evaluate your PPC performance

PPC requires continuous evaluation to ensure that the set goals are being met. This includes gathering and analysing data on various aspects of the PPC campaign, for example keywords with the most clicks, the conversion rate, and PPC spending. The large search engine companies, like Google, provide several tools for testing the performance of your ads in multiple ways.

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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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