Make Your PPC Landing Pages Easy and Effective

A big mistake many marketers make in the PPC Landing pages world is that they request too much information from their visitors. If you have paid to get someone onto your website then you need to convert them to a paying customer if at all possible. You therefore need to stack the deck in your favor.

ROI and Split testing

When you’re building a PPC business model you want to be very clear on your numbers. If you spend a certain amount you should be earning a certain amount. In the early days this can be hard to lay out. As you get more data it should become clearer.

By trying different landing pages with campaigns you can see what works with your target group. You need to ensure you think of your website in the right way though.

Lead Generation not Sales

If you run an e-commerce website then you may have to do the entire sale on the site. The business model in this case dictates that you stay as hands free as possible.

In many cases though you want your visitors to get in touch with you so you can complete the sale with them. Your website may be a lead generation tool rather than a sales tool. Sure, you will have sales information on the site, and want to convince your prospects that you are the right company for them, but you may not be able to go through the whole sales process on your website.

In this case the enquiry forms that you use become vital, as they are the link between their prospect interest and prospect action. Understanding the function of your website is vital to getting conversions optimal.

Competitor Forms

A good starting point is to find out what your more experienced competitors are doing with their web forms. If they are big brands they may be requesting quite a lot of information from their prospects. Their reputation will dictate that they can hold the attention of visitors more easily.

You don’t necessarily need all of the information that they do in order to qualify leads. All you probably need is their name, email, and phone number. With this information you can get in touch with them and find out exactly what it is they are looking for.

Competitor forms can also provide you with tips on how to increase your return on investment. Through trial and error they may have identified trust signs that work in your industry. They may use certain terminology from the industry that resonates with prospects. It is normally a good idea to build on what others do rather than starting from scratch.

Qualifying Leads

The lead qualification process really should be done through your PPC adverts. After all, you don’t want to be paying for visitors to come to your website if they aren’t actually prospects for your products or services.

Too many marketers try to get as many visitors as possible onto their website, without thinking about the profile of the visitors they really want. This scatter gun approach is fine for big companies with limitless budgets, but a sniper approach is best for most businesses.

The language you use in your PPC adverts, and the statements you make, can ensure that the right people are coming in. Every industry, and every company is different. Really mine down into your business model and work out what you need to be saying to attract the right types of people. Adjust your bids based on Google Enhanced Campaign functions.  Actively manage your campaigns very closely.

Make the Enquiry Process Easy

Then, on your landing page, encourage visitors to get in touch, and don’t ask for too much information. As web visitors flow around to different websites they will be looking for an easy way to solve their problem. The easier you make it for them the more likely you are to get conversions.



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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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