Make Your E-commerce Store Friendlier Through Live Chat


E-commerce has revolutionized the act of setting up shop and selling goods and services to customers, these virtual stores are very cheap to run and customers can visit you whenever it suits them. Since e-commerce stores do not have any salespersons to guide customers and make their shopping experience as pleasant as possible, an effective and well-thought out customer support solution has to be present. Every e-commerce store provides customers with some way of contacting company personnel for guidance and assistance, usually, businesses provide an email address, phone number or links to their social media places where customers can get in touch with their support staff.

Live Chat Tools

While these communication channels are widespread and work quite well, they have begun teetering towards obsolescence ever since live chat tools have started to gain popularity. Live chat tools allow customers to get help almost instantly, there are no waiting lines and no hectic procedures to follow, their simplicity and fast response times have made them quite popular amongst customers. Studies show that customers have begun preferring online stores that provide live chat over the ones that do not, meaning that having a live chat feature on your online store is pretty much compulsory at this point.

A live chat tool might sound like a handful at first because of several reasons; your support staff will have another channel to deal with, you will need to train your staff in order to have them make the most out of this feature and you will have to make an extra effort with managing time so that your response times are fast. These problems can cause a bit of trouble at first, but they are all part of the learning process, and once you get through it, you will see a massive improvement in your e-commerce customer service.

Shifting Channels

Contrary to popular belief; adding live chat to your customer support arsenal will actually decrease the number of communication channels that your support team has to deal with. Live chat sees so much demand from customers that traffic from other support channels actually shifts over to your live chat channel, once your customer base becomes aware of your live chat feature, you will see a drastic decrease in tickets coming from slower channels.

As for training your staff, this is an unavoidable step if you want to maintain and improve the quality of your customer support, the biggest problem that live chat brings to the table is response time; once a customer contacts you through live chat, their frustration builds up for every minute that they are kept waiting. Response time problems usually stem from a lack of organization and can be solved by taking steps to give live chat tickets priority over tickets coming from other channels and also by setting up your live chat in a way that encourages customers to only use live chat for situations that cannot be addressed through other support channels.


Once a business manages to implement live chat tools properly, there are numerous benefits to reap; the enhanced responsiveness and the personal feel that live chat can bring to your e-commerce store can grow sales by as much as 38% as more customers will prefer to buy from you. Along with increasing your amount of sales, live chat also increases the likelihood of a customer becoming loyal to you, resulting in an increase in overall revenue as your customer retention rate gets boosted.

A well-implemented live chat tool can be the equivalent of having an informative and friendly salesperson in a physical store, meaning that a live chat tool can bring a human touch to your e-commerce store. When combined with efficiency and quality, this human touch can take you a long way, customers who interact with your support staff through live chat (up to 83% online shoppers turn to live chat for help during the buying process) will be more likely to place their trust in your business.

Basically, live chat is a tool that can give your customer support a massive boost, and in turn, it can improve your sales, your customer retention and your business’ reputation in the eyes of your customer base.


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James OSullivan on Monday, 21 May 2018 18:03

Love this! It makes the option to work from home even more possible. Great article!

Love this! It makes the option to work from home even more possible. Great article!
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Monday, 21 October 2019
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