Make Content the Best Part of Your Online Marketing Campaign

Online marketers are finding it hard to keep up with the recent updates on Google's Penguin algorithm. For this reason, new online marketing campaigns are being devised by focusing more on content rather than unsavory linking practices. If your website gets knocked down into the search engine oblivion, it becomes almost impossible for your users to reach your business website.

On the other hand, the content of your marketing campaign can get your message across, establish the identity of your brand and convert visitors into sales. Therefore, it is very necessary to make content the best part of your online marketing campaign as now it solely depends on the originality and freshness of your content. Content is King without any doubt and you must create fresh and inventive content to attract customers to your brand. Here is how you can make content the best part of your online marketing campaign.

Pass the Ten Second Litmus Test

According to a Microsoft Research the initial 10 seconds of a web page visit are vital to any user's decision to stay. Your content can either be in the form of a case study, a unique blog post or reusable content which is in the form of presentations, newsletters, taglines and PDF's. This kind of unique content will attain the user's attention and he will want to spend more time on viewing and sharing it on social forums. This also means that you have to stop copying content from your successful rivals believing it will work the same for you. It is reported that 61% of customers are likely to buy services from a company who has produced original content captivating the users' attention.

Stop Writing – Start Talking

Online users are done with going through lengthy and wordy paragraphs about product descriptions and company services. You content should be precise and to the point without spilling out irrelevant information. The more quickly you get your message across, the more likely your users are to make use of your services. Formulate short and candid content as if you are conversing with your reader on a one-to-one basis. This will make the viewer comfortable and he will be able to establish a personal connection with your business.

May the Best Blog Win!

Your website blog should not just be a word bank of keywords. It should contain something more than merely articles related to your services and products. Successful brands have made their blogs popular by containing different kinds of content material to target audiences of all kinds. It is estimated that businesses having successful blogs furnish, on average, 67% more leads than companies without a blog every month. This means your blog must contain creative infographics, illustrations, facts & figures, recent updates and everything which can be included to gain the interest of your users.

Viral Content --> Video

Researchers claim that by the year 2016, videos will responsible for 55% of all internet traffic. Videos on demand will be increased thrice by the next two years. Why? Because what your content delivers in 2 pages can be quickly summed in a 30 second video. Today, imagining an online campaign without a video is hardly possible. Videos are the driving force to link users to your website and are an essential part of an online marketing campaign. Including a video increases your chances of getting your content viral and making your online marketing campaign a success.

As Seth Godin, the marketing maestro of the 21st century informs us, “Content Marketing is all the marketing that’s left.” This means we must start focusing on our content. Making content the best of part of any online marketing campaign can be challenging but is sure to yield fruitful outcomes.



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Friday, 19 July 2019
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