Make Best Use of WordPressRSS Feed Plugins for Betterment of SEO Prospects

As a WordPress publisher you must be aware about RSS feeds because WordPress websites are equipped with the facility of publishing RSS feeds automatically.  However, you need to have proper knowledge about what it is and how to make best use of the facility to advance the SEO campaign. What is RSS feeds, how you can benefit from its use and above all how you can make best use of it with the help of Wordpress plugins has been discussed in this post.

Content syndication is a way of enhancing the value of websites. Besides producing high quality content websites can utilize RSS feeds to aggregate content and news feeds from other websites and present it to the audience. This is a great way to increase the attraction of websites and build relationships. The feeds that you provide are being consumed by viewers as it is displayed in their devices and apps. Adding external RSS feeds will only strengthen the content of your website by supplementing it. The RSS feeding feature is an integral part of WordPress content management system and it is up to you to make best use of it.

What is RSS?

Although in common parlance it is termed as news feed or simply feed, Really Simple Syndication is the full name of RSS. This feature enables websites to inform viewers about updates automatically. This means that viewers no longer have to keep a watch on their favorite websites to track updates. Whenever there is updated content, it is automatically informed to users. This makes it very convenient for viewers to stay tuned with all updates without spending time to hunt for it. RSS also allows publishers to syndicate their content automatically that can be viewed in the devices or mail boxes of readers.

Enrichment of website content

Content enrichment of websites by importing external RSS feeds and displaying it on your website in the most appropriate manner is the primary purpose of RSS feeds. As a website publisher, your ultimate goal is to present quality content to viewers. Accessing and presenting quality content that is spread across the web is an easy way to enhance the value of your website. There are innumerable content that you can use on your website as RSS feeds and present it to the target audience.

Strengthening SEO

The benefits of such syndication are many. It ensures better engagement of viewers as they are presented with interesting, useful and relevant content that they enjoy. More relevant targeted keywords are added to the website that makes it more attractive for search engines. This directly influences the search engine rankings which are at the heart of all SEO initiatives. Hence, use of RSS feeds are considered as one of the most important SEO tips that any expert would recommend.

Use the default setting to display RSS feeds

WordPress platforms are provided with in-built RSS widget. This can be used for displaying RSS feeds. Several basic options are included in the RSS widget. You can choose the elements to be displayed and even the number of feed items to be displayed. All that you have to do is to drag the widget into the widget area and then select the options of display that you prefer. By limiting the elements to be displayed gives a smart and uncluttered look to the content.  Restricting the elements to post excerpt and linked title would give a cleaner display that looks attractive. However, the choices of customization are limited in this RSS Widget.

WordPress plugins for RSS feeds

The default RSS widget will just stoke your imagination and would increase your expectations from it. As you experience better SEO performance by using RSS feeds, it is quite natural that you would like to explore it further. In order to make it happen, you have to turn towards WordPress plugins that offer much more options and better control in the use of RSS feeds for your website. Some of these plugins give better control in managing multiple feeds while some others help to import complete articles from external RSS feeds. Some plugins give the audience the options of subscribing to specific content type that they are interested in. There are some other plugins that allow speedy import and customization of RSS feeds.

Plugins for import

There are many kinds of plugins available that can be used for quick import of RSS feeds and easy customization of everything. These plugins use short codes to enable speedy editing and does away with the need of taking recourse to graphical user interface of any kind. This convenience of application, it requires just a few steps to make it work, gives enormous flexibility that is built within to make such plugins a big hit with users. You can add different RSS feeds and position it wherever you wish by using the editor screen of WordPress. Once the plug in has been installed you just have to go to the post or page where you want to add the feeds and the operation is completed in just a few clicks.

Plugins for subscriptions

If you publish a variety of contents on your website you might like to give a special facility to the audience. They can be given an option to subscribe to their preferred category of content. Suppose your website publishes content covering topics like, fashion, travel and sports. By using the specific RSS plug in that is available the audience can select the category that they want to subscribe. This creates better audience engagement as they are directed to the category of their interest and this improves the SEO prospects. This type of plug in can also be used to display links to external feeds.

In the interest of the best SEO practices, publish feeds from other websites with due permission from the publishers. Instead of being shady, feel free to give credit to the source link for feeds that you fetch. The WordPress plugins will open a whole new world of SEO opportunities for you.



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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