Looking to Grow your Email List? Follow these three steps

Looking to Grow your Email List? Follow these three steps

Email marketing is a strange entity, as despite its continued effectiveness it remains all too easy to overlook in the age of social media and similar, digital channels. Much of this is down to the complexities of email marketing, which require brands to think strategically when organising their campaigns.

One the most important elements of any email marketing campaign is the list of contacts that you have access to, as this will determine the scope and reach of your efforts. Customers are also increasingly security conscious when it comes to sharing details such as their email address, so it is imperative that you are able to solicit this information subtly.

3 creative Steps to growing your Email List

With this in mind, here are three creative methods that will enable you to organically grow and develop your email list:

Offer Relevant Sign-up Opportunities across multiple channels

While it is well-known that 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices, less thought is given to the channels through which modern-day customers connect with brands. These include social platforms and individual landing pages, each of which offer a unique opportunity to drive sign-ups and engagement.

In terms of your websites' landing pages, it is sensible to host sign-up forms at every opportunity. This includes the strategic placement of forms beyond the home page, which offers consumers the opportunity to sign-up at various points of their journey through the website. Including forms on specific landing and blog pages also allows you to leverage more persuasive and subtle calls to action, and this can only be a positive thing.

Social media is also an increasingly influential medium when it comes to driving engagement, so this should also include sign-up forms that are independent and entirely separate to the website. Social channels also offer you access to a far broader audience, while enabling you to engage customers in a less commercial environment.

Make Privacy your Watchword

We have already touched on the fact that customers are more sensitive to privacy issues than ever before, especially when communicating with brands. In fact, 64% of people now known not to open emails unless they are from a trusted source, so privacy must be the watchword for your entire campaign.

If you fail to do this, you find your list of email contacts gradually dwindling over time.

The easiest way to achieve this is to make your brand's privacy policy visible to potential leads, as this instantly opens up honest and transparent lines of communication. This is the cornerstone of every business to consumer relationship, particularly in an age where information is so freely accessible.

Leverage Popular Blogs with Guest Content

While a select few people continue to assert that guest posting is increasingly moribund as a practice, this is far from accurate. In fact, insightful and relevant posts can still be extremely impactful, both in terms of driving traffic and engaging customers.
It is an excellent and organic way of building your list of email contacts, particularly as you target popular blog and websites that are active within your niche. By tailoring engaging content for these sites and sharing it aggressively through social channels, you can instantly build an audience and generate a higher rate of strategic leads.

Just remember to utilise a natural and compelling call to action, and incorporate relevant links both within the article and at the end of the post to direct traffic to a particular sign-up page. Also, do not lose site of the importance of publishing regularly on your own blog, as you must continue to promote this resource and determine the best types of content to feature on the site.

So long as you maintain a balanced outlook and leverage tools such as content calendars, you can utilise numerous blogs to build your audience an email list.



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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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