Leverage These UX Trends for Your Small Business

Keeping up pace with the latest technology is quite a challenge today. As the smartphone and tablets have taken the world by a storm, web design and user experience need to catch up in order to cater to the new markets that has been developed out of the very need.

A small business owner would be facing the greatest challenge in catching up with the rising trends given the limited resources. However, focusing on a few things that can help improve the UX for your website can prove to be a real winner in this regard. So let’s take a look at the UX trends that you can incorporate in your web design which in turn can aid in making the overall experience for your users better.

  •         Mobile-First Approach
Given the ever-rising mobile devices and their frequent usage, it has become important for businesses to consider a mobile-first approach. This would mean having a responsive website that adapts to fit the screen size of the device in use. Be it an ecommerce store or a restaurant, having a responsive website will lead to better conversions than a static web design. Why is that? According to a report, 48% of the users are annoyed when websites aren’t optimized to provide a smooth mobile experience. Also understand that this is the age of Millennials and if you are to cater to them, you need to go by their way. Their life revolves heavily around mobile devices therefore a better mobile experience is the key to retaining them.
  •         Hero shots over sliders and carousels
Sliders and carousels didn’t quite work too well in the matters of engagement. However, once upon a time, they were widely used by web designers, disregarding the fact that they are a major hindrance in conversions and making for a user-friendly UX design. They distract and slow down the design and that is what they have always been doing at best. Instead of using those heavy carousels and sliders, a better option today is fitting a hero image. It is the massive picture that you see covering the entire screen. They instantly grab attention and take up minimal bandwidth thereby killing two birds with one stone.


  •         Focusing on the user interactions
User experience can only be improved for the better if we study our user closely and get inside their head in order to provide them exactly what they want. Incorporating a live chat can facilitate in the matter of listening to and answering the queries of visitors to develop a better understanding of what they are looking for. Analyzing their engagement patterns with the use of heatmaps can also help in the scenario in figuring out the exact pages they spend time on, duration, what elements are of interest to them and so on. This is a valuable information that you may not have right in the beginning but you can definitely add on your way to making for a better UX.
  •         Micro-commitments work like magic
Converting a visitor into a paid customer is the first step towards a real conversion. Any website designed by a top-notch web design company will have little elements inserted in the design that will get a “Yes” out of the customer. How can you do it for your UX? To begin with, ask questions that hit the direct need of the users. When inserting calls-to-action, create an urgency and a need that is irresistible. For instance, if you own an ecommerce store, simply stating a discount may not budge the visitor. However, if you mention a deadline, or perhaps structure your sentence that creates a need for the user, it would definitely entice the user into hitting the “Yes”.


  •         Bonus Tip
If you get your copywriters, web designers and developers, and content marketers to work together, you will get the most traction out of your web design. Perhaps the greatest arsenal a business can have today is a great team synchronization. A good flow in content, design and marketing elements during the development stage will readily fill in most of the gaps in UX design.

Final Word

Collecting relevant data from your visitors by means of analytics every now and then can help in making the overall UX design that is purely relevant to the need of your customers. Work together in teams to create a successful campaign that are favorable for both the parties: your business and your customers. So incorporate these minor changes in the UX today and experience a solid growth in conversions.




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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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