Lessons Your Pop Up Store Can Learn From E-commerce

There’s no doubt e-commerce is taking over the retail landscape. But predictions of the death of the high street are misguided. Brick and mortar stores still have a lot to offer and can actually learn from the online giants to adapt their services.

Here’s what popup store operators can learn from e-commerce:

Focus on Data

If there’s one thing Silicon Valley has taught us it’s that a data obsession leads to fantastic results. Big data is a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot, but it’s helped retail evolve alongside other industries over the past decade.

Your popup store can gain a lot by simply focusing on local trends. Use iBeacon to track the way customers move around your store and see if you can adjust the design to improve the experience. Analyze every bit of public data on your industry that’s published online. You’ll be surprised how much Google search trends and official statistics on local demographics can help. Also, observe the customers at your store and figure out which products get the most attention, what sells well and what questions your visitors have. Adapt the store based on this information.

Encourage Reviews

It’s nearly impossible to find an item for sale online that doesn’t have a review section. 61% of online customers in the UK said they read the reviews before buying anything online.

Don’t underestimate the power of social validation. Encourage your customers to leave completely honest reviews and find a way to display these to potential customers wherever you set up the store next.

Use Physical Space To Your Advantage

E-commerce uses space very efficiently. The webpage or app is designed to give all the details and influence a purchase without overwhelming the visitor.

The takeaway here is that minimalism works. Keep your store simple and display your products neatly to encourage a sale. A passerby should be able to gather everything they need to know about what you sell and how much with a quick glance.

Personalize Services

The shopping experience online is highly personal and that works well. A whopping 86% of customers said personalization influenced their purchase decision. You can personalize the shopping experience to win over customers. Offer to store a customer's measurements for future clothes purchase, talk about related products and accessories and remember the names of repeat customers the next time they walk by.

Win Loyalty

Amazon Prime is the ultimate example of a customer loyalty program done right. The service has transformed the company and enabled it to grow into e-commerce giant it now is.

Popup stores can replicate this success by offering discounts and special services to customers willing to sign up. Offer voucher codes in exchange for email addresses or loyalty points for each purchase. Customers love discounts both online and offline, and your physical store can win loyalty with targeted discount offers.

There’s no denying e-commerce has transformed the retail industry, but physical stores aren’t going anywhere. Stores can simply adapt to the changes, integrate technology and use physical space creatively to thrive as the retail landscape shifts.



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Wednesday, 24 July 2019
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