Learning About SEO - the Ever Changing Marketing Field

The online market is slowly solidifying and becoming more precise. Learning about SEO can be a challenge. The sheer number of tools for online marketing analytics, statistics, optimization and so on is astonishing. The reason for this is because making money in the online environment has become closely tied to getting natural, converting traffic. One of the best and most effective ways of doing this is by getting traffic from natural searches.

There really isn’t another form of traffic that is more natural. Search engine algorithms use a variety of relevant parameters to determine the most optimal lists of results for searches made by each individual users. Search engine optimization helps you get the ranking you want for relevant keywords.

The problem with SEO is that you need to stay updated with current approaches. The algorithms of popular search engines are constantly being tweaked and updated, making some efforts obsolete while creating room for others. An average website owner needs to be aware of certain changes in order to make sure that they are not wasting their money on things that won’t help them rank better. Also, the knowledge of basic terms and SEO techniques is a must. Here is a list of the best SEO resources out there:

Search Engine Land

This resource was created by Danny Sullivan, a globally recognized SEO expert. When it comes to SEO related news nobody has it better than Search Engine Land. The posts are regular and well written, and they contain information that can help both novices and professionals. You should definitely spend some time around it if you want to remain up to date with the current SEO news scoops.


They have been around for ages and have a dedicated community which will help you get around if you are new. Their premium learning is quite good, but if you are new to the whole thing, then you can access the basic guides for free. They also put out regular, well written articles dealing with SEO and its trends. Quite good for a beginner who is still trying to make sense out of basic things. They also include news relevant to other forms of online marketing.

Google SEO Guidelines

While it is good to rely on guides and analysis made by various SEO experts, you have to have an ear for what the source has to say. Guidelines put out by search engines tend to be quite vague but can help you get the general picture of how things work and, more importantly, what things you should avoid doing.


This is a premium forum and this means that you need to pay in order to gain access to it, but it is well worth it. Real webmasters use this forum to discuss various aspect of SEO and to find solutions to real problems. It is all about hands on experience here and if you ever had trouble finding a concrete example of how to do something, this is the place to be. There are tons of things you can learn here and, since it is a forum, you can always open a new thread and ask a question. I would say this is well worth the payment.

Clouds Wave

In their SEO and SEM category, they list out a lot of tools related to these two forms of marketing with rankings according to popularity. This is very useful for SEO novices, especially when you take into consideration that you can get discounts on premium tools. This can help you choose the tools you need while saving money and avoiding bad ones.

SEO success stories are not just stories, they are very real, but need time to develop. SEO, unlike other forms of marketing, requires time to show results and is something that requires constant work. While I wouldn’t recommend putting in all your marketing funds into a big SEO campaign to improve your ranking, I would definitely recommend a more humble but steady investment so you can bring in your traffic naturally and make sure that it is actually the traffic you need. Conversion is the way you make money online and natural traffic is your best ally when it comes to this.

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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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