Leadership: How To Become A Leader People Respect

There is a tendency for some to believe that leadership is an inherent quality that only a select few possess. Though some have a natural charisma for leadership, the fact is that most successful leaders worked at improving their leadership skills in order to become who they are today. It can be challenging to earn the trust and respect of those around you, but taking even a few simple steps can result in becoming a leader that people truly respect.

Leading by Example

Some people assume that leaders must use their power and authority to bark out orders and gain respect. However, great leaders do not just delegate tasks, but lead by example. Leaders have often moved up the ranks and proved themselves capable. They remember starting from the bottom and have sympathy and understanding towards their employees. Respected leaders earn people's trust when they are willing to do any task necessary, including working with beginners. Your employees will really respect you if you are willing to step up to the plate and take charge of the nitty gritty details. It is always impressive to see a respectable leader doing the grunt work. Real leaders don’t just tell people what to do, they do it themselves as well.


Leaders bear the responsibility of steering the team in the right direction and this requires the ability to communicate effectively and persuasively. This can be practiced in presentations, writing, conducting research, and being prepared to answer questions. Though not as prominent as speaking, listening is additionally vital to motivating people and connecting with colleagues personally and professionally. Becoming a great listener will earn you the respect that is due to a great leader. It really is essential for you to do all that you can to be able to understand and relate to your employees. They will definitely be a lot more willing to open up to you if you have already built a relationship with them and they really feel like they can talk to you. All you have to do is genuinely care about your employees and be open and honest with them at all times.

Knowledge and Experience

Gaining firsthand knowledge and experience is another great way to gain respect as a leader. Finding a job that requires the skills you need allows you to learn from veterans and gain your own experience. A leader must be able to confidently and competently handle their responsibilities under pressure. Benefiting from the wisdom of others can also help a leader prepare for future challenges. In addition to work, education is an excellent source for knowledge and preparation with the added benefit of providing advanced career opportunities. If you are not sure where to start, an online mba program can help provide practical skills and knowledge from industry experts that can help you succeed in the business world. If it is still early in your career, taking a course at a local community college can provide valuable knowledge that will be useful as you grow and advance professionally.

Overall, it may seem like a difficult road to become a great leader, but there are basic steps that anyone can take to improve their leadership capabilities. Developing great communication skills, leading by example, and pursuing practical experience and education can help anyone become a leader that people truly respect.

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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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