Lead Generation with Marketing Automation

Are you spending too much time and money chasing your big lead instead of focusing on the fundamentals? Well! The majority of the marketers fail to focus on the basic practices that ensure success. As businesses gain access to a larger amount of customer data and customers have more options for services and products, marketing strategies have become more complex. However, technology driven marketing plan can certainly increase your lead generation.

One such technology that is transforming the marketing realm is the use of marketing automation.  According to Salesforce, 2015, marketing automation will be one of the most piloted marketing technologies. The solution helps you to focus on your customers and better understand which marketing programs actually work and which does not. In short, marketing automation helps your business manages your lead base.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is software and tactics to nurture prospects, convert them into customers and finally turn these regulars into delighted customers through personalised and behaviour-trigger content. The strategy typically generates significant revenue for the companies and ultimately provides an excellent return on investment.

Why marketing Automation for your Business?

Track Consumers Interaction with Brand

Marketing automation platform enables you to track how the prospective interact with your brand. It could be in the forms of email clicks, content downloads or website clicks. These digital indications give you supreme insights into your prospect’s readiness to buy so that you are ready to deliver timely marketing message to accelerate the buyer’s decision making process.

Accelerate your Sales Funnel

As you can track engagement and behaviour of the visitors through pre-and-post buying process, you can prepare your campaign accordingly that can build trust and minimise sales resistance.

Build Stronger Relationships with your Audience

Marketing automation helps to accumulate data that can make each communication personal. It also provides deployment tools to reach your prospects in every major channel.

What are the Fundamental Elements that Drive Results?

Marketing automation program can help your company produce enormous leads and boost revenue. It lets you know when your leads are ready for a call from sales... you can know what else your system needs to be able to do. Here’s how the fundamental elements help to accomplish all your goals...

Email Marketing

60 percent of consumers read marketing emails. It has been observed that email can promote a purchase 3x times more than any social media. However, you need a strong marketing strategy to make the most of it.

  • List Segmentation
Segmenting your audience will make the impact of delivering the right message to the right person stronger.
  • Designing the Email Campaign
A professional looking email campaign including custom email authentication, SPAM analysis, and automated CAN-SPAM compliance enables you to make the most of your email marketing efforts.
  • Personalised Content
Making messages relevant to the unique needs of each recipient is key to effective content marketing and lead nurturing strategy.

Landing Page

An optimized email campaign send leads to landing page where they provide contact information in exchange for valuable and relevant content.

  • Page Design
Build and activate professional and attractive forms in minutes.
  • Profiling
Allow your visitors to bypass the fields they had to fill in the past and provide you with valuable additional information. This increases the conversion rates and helps you to learn more about your prospects.
  • Routing and Automation
Make your leads automatically move through sales cycle and into nurture automated workflow by creating rules and dependencies.

Website Tracking

Buyers are almost 70% through their buying process before they engage with a sales representative. You need to know what additional you can offer to add value to your conversation
  • Visitors Activity Tracking
Track your visitors activities including when they visit your site and what do they download. Make a comprehensive report of email response, website visits, and registration or form impressions.
  • Identification of Anonymous Visitors
Discover the companies of unidentified site visitors and expose potential leads.
  • Tracking Custom Link
Website activity sourced from specific efforts and related to third-party websites can be tracked by creating custom links. The activities include pay-per click programs, shared links or social media efforts.

Lead Scoring

At this stage you have to determine lead quality and prioritise them according to their interests in your products and demographic characteristics.
  • Develop Scoring Model
Scoring model is required to automatically score prospects based on their behaviour and demographic characteristics in response to marketing plan and online activities.

Increase Visibility

Connect the lead score model with the CRM. This will provide the sales team with activity score to report on engaged prospects.

A Few More Activities to Follow

Incorporation of CRM

Assimilation of marketing automation and CRM platform is important in delivering sales intelligence the sales representatives require to improve their conversations and follow-up work.

Integrate Web Events Platforms

Showcase your expertise, engage your audience and generate more quality leads with online events.

A/B Testing

Knowing what resonates with your target audience beforehand can ensure your emails; landing pages and forms are optimised for conversions.

Social Media Marketing

As the majority of the current and prospective customers spend a lot of time on social media, it is easy to educate and engage them. Share your messages, discover new audience, generate leads and increase sales through social media tools.

According to Nucleus Research, 2014, marketing automation drives 14.5 percent increase in sales productivity and 12.2 percent reduction in marketing overhead. The biggest benefit of marketing automation is its ability to generate more and better quality leads.



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