Knocked Down But Not Out

As  great band once said "I get knocked down but I get up again......";  you know the rest.   This is the distilled essence of the sweat of an entrepreneur.  Please read back over the quote and sing it in your head :-)!  These few lyrics give an idea of my diary over the past year.  knocked down but not out. Meeting investors, Enterprise Ireland interviews, peer discussions.  Even bemused faces of family and friends when trying to impart your innovative concept to them.   These can either be eureka or complete blank stare moments.  Your listener just does not understand your idea or your idea makes no sense at all.  Both can be as much a hindrance as the other...

1. Your listener just does not understand your idea. This can be due to the idea or your presentation of the idea. So present a front.  Be the idea.  Live in it.  If you are a passionate person, be passionate about it.  Prepare yourself when they do not understand it for the knock back.  If you still think after all these knocks there is still a nugget of an idea.  I think this is when you have to realise that this will not detach from your soul until you have pushed it as far as it will go.

2. The second point is that your idea makes no sense at all This may just be that it is a copy of a previous idea or it is not a good idea.  When that is realised, you must either call it a failure and move on or flog it till it metamorphosises into pegasus.   Innovation comes from failure as all those entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley know.   Fail and succeed.  Fail and succeed.



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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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