IT Security for the Small Business and Schools

The first cloud based security platform for small business has been launched by AVG called Cloudcare. This software enables a small business to greatly improve there IT security, streamline and simplify IT Management and boost employee productivity with its content filtering service.

Anti – Virus and Malware

Where do Anti-Virus and Malware come from?

Viruses and other types of malicious software (malware) is an IT security scourge for small businesses. Barely, a day goes by when we don’t have a machine come into the office with some sort of malware infection. Usually the first call we get is when a business has contracted one of the more obvious types of malware. These can be “Rogue” antivirus packages that “find” hundreds of non-existent viruses and demand payment for their removal. Or, more recently, a piece of Ransomware that claims that you've been caught by the Gardai for copyright infringement and issues a "fine".

When we look at these machines, it’s often the case that the infection which caused the machine to arrive in our office turns out to be far from the first infection the machine has got. There are many reasons for this, but prime among them is that either the user didn’t pay heed to what their anti-virus package was telling them, or they hadn’t bothered paying for the subscription when it ran out.

Content Filtering Service

Cloudcare also provides a content filtering service thus adding to the IT security for your business. With this service, you can limit the types of websites that your employees can access whilst at work. No more internet browsing or social networking and much more productivity.

Is there cost effective IT security anti virus packages for small businesses?

This kind of IT security has been available for some time to medium and large organisations with the server infrastructure to facilitate it in-house. However, the cost was often prohibitive for small businesses until it became available as a cloud service. The big difference is that now that this service is cloud-based; cover starts at less than €2+VAT per machine per month – that’s the kind of price which most small businesses can live with.





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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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