Is Your Marketing Strategy Embracing Multicultural Audiences?

When it comes to getting your products or services noticed, a well-heeled marketing plan is the key to promoting your brand and increasing sales. But for small businesses in particular, appealing to multicultural audiences can be a difficult task.

Adapting your core strategy using the multicultural or ethnic marketing ethos is an important step in reaching a variety of multicultural audiences in the UK and worldwide. Incorporating multicultural marketing into your plan will ensure you connect with a wider, more diverse audience and your business can go from strength to strength. For those looking to bridge that multicultural marketing divide and embrace the changing landscape of your particular niche, check out the following top tips…

Become a culturally sensitive company and embracing multicultural audiences

Whilst a multicultural marketing plan doesn’t mean you have to transform your brand into a multicultural business, when appealing to a wider market understanding cultural differences between your target demographics is an essential step in creating a sensitive and successful strategy. Ensure any marketing materials, whether they are content or image-based, are culturally appropriate and any references used aren’t lost in translation.

Going global online

Advances in e-commerce capabilities online mean that introducing your business and its marketing plan to the global market is easier than ever. Your website is a key portal for the multicultural masses to invest in your products or services so don’t neglect this.

Take pointers from big brands like Proctor & Gamble, HP and Phillips by introducing country or language-specific pages to your website to ensure your products are given the coverage they deserve in overseas markets.

Map multicultural media resources

Tapping into mainstream and niche publications that have relevance to multicultural audiences is an important step in maximising your marketing prowess and establishing relationships with a wider press network. Open up a vital channel of communications by introducing yourself and your products or services to these new publications and other media resources to ensure you get your foot in the door of your wider target market.



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Wednesday, 13 November 2019
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