Is the Customer Always Right?


Is the Customer Always Right? Instead of being told what Small Business Owners need, is it not time that business owners began to tell their consultants and coaches what exactly is on their minds for their business.

What are your needs and wants for your business? It is, often, far too easy for Consultants and Business Coaches to parade into a business, full of the trappings of folk who have all the answers and, after relatively short analyses and consultation, begin to roll out the proposed solutions to problems. How much time is given to really listening to the real needs and issues that confront the client? How much time is given to understanding those issues?

How much time is given to exploring the capacity of the client to understand the proposed solutions and, indeed, to assessing the client's capacity to implement proposed solutions?  Does the Consultant or Coach ever consider that he/she ought also accept responsibility for the successful implementation of proposed solutions? Is it not sensible to consider the value of collaboration, not just in scoping and defining the problems but also in their implementation and completion. In addition, one might very well count as benefit the synergy generated by meaningful engagement when the quest is centered on enabling individuals identify their innate potential, (either at the personal level or in business), and utilize the resultant energy and enthusiasm in the drive to secure a successful outcome. 

It is time to remind ourselves that, "The Customer Is Always Right" and that the proposed , "Right Solutions," that do not help to fix problems and resolve situations and issues are the wrong solutions. It does not matter how well they are dressed up, if they fail to provide the answers that help solve the problems, they are the wrong answers. Clients and Customers who invest their trust and hard cash in those who present themselves as, "Experts", deserve better.





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Tuesday, 16 July 2019
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