Is it Time to Get Fruity in the Workplace?

We all know how good for us fruit and vegetables are - it's why we are recommended to eat at least five portions per day. We know it is important to get our intake in every day but do we truly know the benefits of certain fruits and how they can be an advantage in the workplace?

Dublin based office fruit company 'Fruitful Office' conducted research to discover the advantages for having a regular supply of fruit in the workplace. Whilst it can be hard to choose the healthy option for fruit when surrounded by office vending machines, cakes for birthdays or a high street full of coffee shops, cafes and restaurants, research found that by eating fresh fruit at a work desk, productivity and concentration can improve by over 10%.

Whilst there are health advantages to the employees, its important to note just how important the business advantages are to the company. With a team running on 10% or more better productivity and concentration, it means much more work can be done in a select time period - more work completed equals more money. The employees get a health boost and the companies can start to see a financial boost too. Employees also seem happier and have a greater sense of morale which would be great for a boss to see.

The majority of people who took part in the recent research said that the fruit they had been provided with helped improve the quality of their working life and almost as many of those surveyed found that the provision of fruit also helped them in the long term - whether it caused them to eat more fruit or simply cut out the unhealthier snacks from their diet. 79% even said that it made them feel more valued as an employee which is great!

Fruitful Office aren’t the only ones to have noticed that certain foods can increase productivity and concentration levels. The Harvard Business Review also found that specific foods do wonders for your productivity levels.

Blueberries are a great fruit to have available in the workplace - they can help ward off stress and mental degeneration and can also help protect your brain from free radicals meaning your brain can perform effectively into old age - something very much needed at work! Bananas are full of potassium which is great keeping us focused. There are so many different fruits that can be taken advantage of to provide a greater working experience for both the workforce and the company in general. Happier, more productive staff will lead to a happier, more productive business which works out great for everyone.

The advantages of fruit in the workplace are there - employees health, the finances of the business, the morale and happiness of the workforce - all can be improved by simply providing some fruit for the staff to eat. Its great that some companies are using this to their full advantage and paying for fruit for their staff to enjoy at their work desk - it will lead to better things.



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Monday, 15 July 2019
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