Is Direct Mailing Dead?

With the many Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and other marketing methods such as Google Adwords, is direct mailing dead? This is a question that has been on my mind for quite some time now and I would like to get other peoples opinions on the subject. I would think everyone has an email address in this day and age, in 2014 their was a study undertaken and it showed that there was 2.5billion email users worldwide. So why does direct mailing still exist, why do don't marketers just use email advertising instead?

The Theory On Why Direct Mailing Still Works

I can quite honestly say, hand on heart, that direct mailing is not dead and very much still alive. Yes, there are many other fancy ways to get consumers attention and they do work, but still, good old fashion snail mailing still works and work very effectively.

If your company deals in B2B only, the return on investment will be a lot higher than if you were to deliver to consumers and the general public. The reason for this is, and yes, we all do it! If it is not a letter addressed to us with our names on, we don't even give the pieces of paper posted through a second glance, it goes right in the bin.

The new approach to manage direct marketing campaigns is to now print, send and mail letters to the addresses with the consumers names on them, this means the letter does get opened and will get glanced over for at least 30 seconds studies have shown. This will of course increase the chances of drilling the offer(s) into the subconscious minds of the consumers, very cunning indeed!

Split Testing To Increase ROI

Split testing every single marketing campaign whether it be on or offline is crucial, otherwise how would we increase sales or know "what works"? For direct marketing, split testing has so many options you must think about, one of the main ones that companies think about and even employ the services of psychologists for is colours. Sounds pathetic right? Well it is true, the use of colours make us do things or think things in our subconscious minds, without even thinking about.

For example if you are driving down the road and you see a red light or a red sign you will look at it for that split second longer to get the information of what danger is ahead, red always means danger and no go areas. Green on the other hand is a welcoming healthy, save the planet kind of colour. To find out more about colour psychology, see here.

The other thing you must thing about when direct marketing and split testing is the image and word arrangements on the leaflet or letter. There are so many fonts, sizes and images to choose from that will change the way the piece if presented to the Business or Consumer. Personally I think it is much better to leave this up to the professionals, as they know what they are doing I used an Advertising Firm in Stuart many years ago when I did snail mail marketing.

Not Into Direct Mailing? No problem....

If direct mailing does not tickle your fancy, there are other methods to getting your name out there, for example, if you work within the real estate industry. The real estate niche has specialized services called "Internet marketing for Real Estate agents". This is not just for Real Estate, there are plenty of other specialized Internet Marketing companies that cover a wide range of marketing campaigns that will cover almost any niche.



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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