Is A Virtual Office Right For Your Business?


Twenty years ago, if someone had told you virtually everyone would have a phone more powerful than a contemporary desktop in their pocket, you would have scoffed in their face. Now not only is that true, but people have never been more interconnected, and easy to contact.

All of which begs the question, why bother wasting money on physical premises? If you’ve got employees and partners that you trust to get on with the work, it makes far more sense to invest in the more fruitful parts of the business. You can get virtual offices in London, giving your business the professional sheen, without the premium real estate price tag.

Although a virtual office is never going to be perfect for every business out there, it could be perfect for yours.

Keep Your Privacy, and Boost Business Security

One of the biggest benefits to a virtual office is that your actual workplace and business is entirely sheltered from pestering, clients randomly showing up, and other security risks. It means you’re fully in control of how and when you see people, and you’re never going to have to deal with cold-callers and other time-draining drop-ins.

Anything that gives you a greater breadth of control over the way your business functions, and allows you to shape and craft it into the efficient machine it needs to be, with less hassle and fuss, is always going to be a great thing. Obviously, if your business is dependent on people dropping in at random, a virtual office won’t work.

With a virtual office, you can keep all your private address and personal details well out of the public eye, which can be a big bonus.

Don’t Get Caught Up in a Controlling Contract or Lease

Another way in which the virtual office outdoes previous office solutions is that they’re generally very short-term lease, and super flexible. There’s no worries about getting locked into a long-term lease, which can put a limiting hold on some businesses.

When you don’t know how fast your business might grow or doing any number of unpredictable things as a business, having more control when it comes to your lease is always going to be a good thing.

Craft and Refine Your Business Image

Branding is huge nowadays. It seems literally everyone has a dozen social media accounts, and logos plastered onto every available surface. But that isn’t really what true branding is about. In order to really utilise branding and sharpen your business image, you need consistency, across the board.

Which can be hard to achieve in a traditional office, especially if you don’t have a huge budget to remodel the space. A virtual office allows you to craft the business image that really plays well with your aims, goals and clients.

Keep a Handle on Expenses

When you’re starting out as a business, or even just moving into new areas and arenas, it can be very expensive. Traditional offices can come with a true litany of additional costs, from servicing, to maintenance, to lease rates jumping around. Then you’ve got the costs of actually moving into the new office, and kitting it out.

It all gets pretty pricey, which for a small business, can prove a real strain. Fortunately, it’s unnecessary. A virtual office can fulfil all your office needs, giving you a headquarters in a prestigious London office address location, a virtual receptionist to pick up and forward any mail, parcels or messages on, and allowing you guys to get on with the actual running of your business, with your new virtual office acting as a firewall, securely blocking out annoyances and hassle.

What if you need meeting rooms? You can always hire them! You’re never going to be needing them every single day, anyway, so it doesn’t make sense to prioritise having them constantly on hand.



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Sunday, 21 July 2019
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