Involvement Tools In Your Arsenal

As the world of work changes with the times, opportunities to meet, exchange ideas and captivate your employees is becoming more difficult. We therefore need to adapt the way we communicate to meet these new challenges.

The need for effective tools to maintain a two-way dialogue has never been greater.

If these involvement tools are used effectively, you’ll find it easier to communicate your strategy, encourage collaboration and cooperation and sustain momentum and energy from your live events and align your employees with the company goals.

There are five main weapons in the internal communications specialist’s arsenal. Use them well, use them often, and you’ll begin to see the makings of an involved workforce:


Webcasting is broadcasting over the Internet.

By using live webcasting, you can seamlessly, securely and reliably interact with associates or clients anywhere in the world. Webcasting creates a sense of involvement, interaction and participation from an online audience in real time, at a fraction of the cost of a live event or meeting. Webcasting also drastically saves your carbon footprint by eliminating the need for trans-continental travel.

Visual Involvement

“I hear. I forget. I see. I remember. I do and I understand.” Confucius

More widely known as “graphic facilitation”, visual involvement is the conversion of complex ideas and strategies into engaging and captivating visuals. 83% of human learning occurs visually, which makes us wonder why, for decades, strategy has been communicated through lectures and talks.

After all, our Neanderthal predecessors were using cave paintings to communicate strategy well before the birth of modern language!

Video and Animation

Video and animation takes visual involvement to the next level. The volume and complexity of ideas that you can communicate with moving images is far greater than that of a drawing or visual aid. Using the latest technologies in digital capture and storyboarding, video and animation allow the user to communicate strategy and vision in a way that is hard-hitting and memorable.


“Gamification, the use of game elements to promote desired behaviors among customers and employees” The Business Insider

There is a competitive streak in all of us.

What if you could channel that competitive energy, and use games to improve overall involvement.

Making work fun can have an enormous bearing on involvement. Gamification of the cascade process can inspire team members into action, and encourage a deeper commitment to company strategy.

Digital Involvement

In our connected world, digital is now the most effective way to encourage conversation and collaboration in your team. It is also the quickest and most effective way to bring everybody into the curve, and make sure they are involved with company strategy and direction.

Think about how many people you can reach using the power of blogging and social media? With the freedom to do so, team members will exchange ideas and collaborate independently.

With these tools at your disposal, you are well armed to strive for an involved workforce. Used effectively, they are the secret to a well-executed strategy and employees whose goals are in line with the organisation’s.

That’s what we like to call involvement - the immeasurable secret ingredient in the recipe for a successful organisation.

Ashley Freeman is Head of Sales and Marketing at INVOLVE. When he’s not pioneering new ways to help INVOLVE drive brand awareness and deliver creative, lead generating B2B marketing campaigns, most of his best time is spent developing employee engagement ideas and campaigns for some of world’s leading businesses.



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Tuesday, 23 July 2019
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