Invaluable Takeaways for Markers from the Pokémon Go Craze

When Niantic announced the initial launch of Pokémon Goin Australia, US and New Zealand, there was some ambivalence among gamers on how good the game would turn out to be. Well, barely a month after the launch, this has become one of the most downloaded apps with over 160 million downloads so far though the game is yet to launch globally. It has become a phenomenon which has pushed Nintendo’s shares up and given the company a lifeline.

Unstoppable Juggernaut

The location-based Augmented Reality game is a hit around the globe and people are flocking to parks, cities, landmarks and forgotten historic sites all with the intention of capturing the elusive Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos among other Pokémon. What started like a fad has now become the rage with gamers getting so much hooked on the game that one walked into an army barracks ina bid to capture a Pokémon.

Two days after launch, the game had been installed in 5% of Android devices in the U.S andit is faring better in usage than Instagram and Whats App. Big brands that are in any way connected to Pokémon Goincluding Google, Apple, Niantic and Nintendo are raking in millions of dollars. The game is a hit with millennials as it brings back memories from the original game and the TV series and collectible card game all released in the 90s. The success of the game is not slowing and as a marketer, it is time to evaluate how well you can leverage the popularity.

Universal Lessons for Marketers

If you are in marketing, the whole brand of Pokémon Gocomes with invaluable universal lessons. Here are just a few:

  • Importance of social media: One of the reasons the game has picked up so fast is the fact that potential players are already on social media. The release caused a social media frenzy and as a marketer, it gives you an idea of where to start your next campaign.
  • Value of nostalgia: Millenials who grew up playing the older version of the game are hooked as they try to relive their childhood. If you are in marketing, it is important to look back at the campaigns you have launched before and maybe you can get a gem from there.
  • Brand strength: Ever heard of Ingress? Well, this is a game as good as Pokémon Gobut the name doesn’t resonate as does Pokémon. Your brand needs to be strong for it to make a mark.
  • Timing: The game was released at the start of summer and it is no wonder it has picked up so well. If you are launching your product, evaluate your target market and consider when best to do it.
  • Easy does it: If you are trying to market your brand, don’t complicate the message. Pokémon Godidn’t involve hyped ads and the game is easy to use.

Pokémon Go: A Marketer’s Dream

Well, a marketer is always on the lookout for trends that can be exploited to advertise a brand. While Google and other big names are getting millions from the app, it is important to evaluate the success of retailers who are using the game to draw foot traffic to their establishments.  Studies are being done on the effectiveness of the game in marketing and New York’s pizzeria L'inizio Pizza Bar is always featuring in the findings. The restaurant witnessed 75% increase in sales after investing in $10 lure modules to get Pokémoninto the establishment.

As players flock shops and malls,you have to up the game and take advantage of this increased foot traffic. Take for instance if you hire SEO Services Chicago to promote your location as a Pokésto por Gym. What if you hit social media and tell your followers your store has been invaded by Pokémon? Think of the impact of luring Pokémonto your store and then offering discounts at the same time for the products or services you are offering? The potential around this augmented reality game are just too many to ignore.

A Case Study on Potential of Pokémon Go in Marketing

To bring to the fore how you can market your business around this popular game, take a look at a case study of ROK: BRGR Burger Bar & Gastropub located at Gulfstream Park in South Florida. The popular gourmet shop was picked by a team of researchers from SEJ to host the first Pokémon GO Pop-Up Party during happy hour. There were myriad Pokéstops around Gulfstream Park and two gyms. The happy hour discounts, hourly prize giveaways and lures were implemented to bring in more Pokémon and add to the fun.

The findings were a marketer’s dream; 80% of patrons popped in just because of Pokémon Go. All types of patrons streamed in including solo, families, couples, and groups. To achieve this, the team also deployed Facebook posts around the popular game and their reach was 82% higher compared to organic reach of all other posts by the group over the last one month.

The importance of incentives to bring players to your establishment cannot be ignored. Giveaways, specials and lures for Pokémonin this study worked magic.  It is also important to ensure your location fits into the theme of this game.

The success of Pokémon Goshould not come as a surprise to marketers. A lot of creativity and market research has gone into the game.  If you want to market your establishment using the game, you have to embody the freshness and innovation the game espouses.



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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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