Integrate Reviews to Your Website to Increase your Conversion Rate

Branding and brand image is important but the ultimate goal of any ecommerce website is to gain more targeted organic traffic that they can convert in to paying customers. No matter what your website is, this is what you are looking for at the end of the day.

But, getting conversions and sales using unhealthy tactics will not only help in the short coming but in the longer run it will also affect your brand image which definitely will hurt your overall sales and conversions.

In this post I am going to discuss few ethical ideas that you can use to improve the conversion rate of your ecommerce website at the same time it has several other websites.

  • This will minimize the pressure of customer service team on phone, emails and live chat. When potential customer will get positive reviews they tend to ask fewer questions and feel more comfortable converting.
  • Reviews not only increase conversion rate, they also help you with branding. Which simply means more reviews means better brand image.
1. Getting Feedback

When user land on your website for the first time, he moves around just to establish the fact that you are credible and trust-able business within the niche. There are tons of ways you can do that and one of the important ways is by integrating reviews section on the product pages.

Remember, if you are a credible business you will end up getting more conversions from your website and this is because more than 70% of the customers trust customer reviews. When you show them that there are other people who have already tried the product and are happy about it, chances are they will end up converting in to paying customers.

When a customer leaves a review on the website, they are actually influencing other potential customers buying decision! If the reviews will be good, chances are your conversion rate will improve to a greater extent.

Problem: Most customers usually do not leave review (neither positive nor negative) once they purchase the product from the website.

Solution: This is common but if you send an email asking for feedback of their purchases, you might start getting product based reviews. You can also gamify it by offering some special discount on their next purchase if they leave a review on the product they bought.

2. Facing negative reviews

This is one of the fundamental reasons why most ecommerce website does not integrate customer reviews at the first place. But again, if you integrate it, it will only help you increase your conversion rate.

The next step after integrating the reviews section on the website is to face the bad reviews. Not 100% customers can be happy with you but if you listen to your bad reviews and take appropriate actions accordingly, this will not only increase your conversion rate but will also help you emerge as a human friendly brand.

Reviews will also allow you to alter your featured products as per the need of your audience. If the reviews are positive just move that product to featured product section and if the reviews are bad just remove it from the featured product section and fox the problem accordingly.

Problem: People prefer leaving bad reviews more than good reviews. If they are happy they don’t really leave reviews.

Solution: Again, building relationship with your customer base is the ultimate solution this problem. This can be done by frequently communicating with them. Take example of Verizon wireless here, they tend to communicate with their customers and help them solve their problems via twitter.

3. Reviews and SEO

Customer reviews on product pages not only help you increase your brand value and allow potential customers to convert, they also have a power to push up your rankings in search engine from the relevant keyphrases.

Search Engine love new content, the problem with most product pages is that they are static and do not update on regular bases. By integrating reviews on the product pages, you will see more dynamic content that Google will love and as a result Google give you better visibility in search engines from the targeted key phrases as compare to your competitors.

If your bounce rate for the website will be balanced and below average, chances are you will be able to maintain those position and move forward. Sophie and Trey is a one brand that managed to reduce their bounce rate to around 25% as a result not only their conversion rate increased but it also help increase their rankings in search engines.

Problem: Even if people leave reviews on product pages, the rate of content updated is very slow.

Solution: We at Workplace Depot help customers about how to use website efficiently from time to time via our blog section. If you do that and include your blog section in your newsletters the rate of reviews will be increased to a good extent.

4. Reviews influences buying decision

I gave a hint about this in the first point. Selling online is tougher because when a purchaser rush in to the store they have more chances and more time to do their research before they actually buy the product.

According to marketing land, 90% of the shoppers agree that their buying decision is influenced by online reviews. This makes pretty much clear that if you integrate online reviews on your website and manage it properly, chances are you will be able to increase your conversion rate just by doing nothing.

Problem: People prefer to leave their experience on other review website but not on the website by itself.

Solution: Having reviews (especially positive) reviews on 3rd party websites is very important and if your customers are doing this, it’s great! Just reach out to them and offer them some discount on their next purchase and politely ask if they can also write their experience on the exact product they bought.

Chances are they will be happy to do that as they are already happy from your customer service.

There are tons of more ideas but if you implement above 4 ideas you will see a good increase in your conversion rate and this will happen without hiring any growth hacker for your website.



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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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