Innovative Marketing Strategies for the Small Business

When it comes to marketing your growing business you might have limited budget and so therefore must choose the simplest, cheapest method. In this post we look at some innovative marketing strategies and how you can implement them for your small business.

From social media to sponsoring a small event to utilising mobile marketing through web based service providers, such as, there are numerous ways you can get your business name out there and recognised to boost brand awareness and more importantly increase sales.

The easiest way to get started with your marketing campaign is to get online…

1. Social Media

is easy to be a part of and for small businesses it’s important that you become a member of the community your potential customers are interested in and take note of. Join in with hashtag themes on Twitter and Instagram, such as #followfriday (where users suggest other accounts to follow) or #ThrowbackThursday (where users post an old photo of themselves or, in your case, a behind the scenes pic from your early business archive).

Social networks are all about the quick thinking and the visual element, so by sharing relevant photos and memes you can connect easily with users. Create a Pinterest board or two, with pins relevant to your business and share this online. Place links to your website on everything you pin, so people who re-pin them see these and can click through.

Infographics are great for sharing online, people love seeing information in a visual form. Get some created that are relevant to your business and have your logo and website at the bottom so people know it was you who created it. It could even go viral if people share it enough!

Facebook business pages are also a great way to keep tabs on competitors and see what they are posting, always try to be a little different to attract attention.

Videos are slowly growing as an option when it comes to marketing, take inspiration from the campaign in the run up to the remake of the Carrie film. The marketing involved a viral video, which took place in a coffee shop, and involved clever tricks and special effects, giving the impression that one of the customers had terrifying telekinetic powers. Needless to say it made an impact with the customers who witnessed it.

2. Email and Mobile Marketing

are great ways to get customers involved. You already know that people on your mailing lists are interested in your product or service and what you have to say and will respond well to promotions sent directly to them. Email marketing has been a popular choice for a while for big businesses, sending out discounts codes and information about their next sale online.

Mobile marketing is the better tool for smaller businesses; you can target local people and link their discounts to events happening in the area or popular hotspots. Users are happy to receive texts if they are relevant and useful. People are on their phones numerous times throughout the day so are always contactable, but SMS messaging is still quite a personal form of communication, so be careful what you send out. Discount codes and deal promotions are the best way to go.

3. Get out on the Street

and do some classic face-to-face canvassing. Be polite and don’t harass people walking towards you, simply hand out flyers and if people want to chat about your business then give them the time of day. Conversation is free and a friendly face representing your brand will do wonders for future sales.

4. Be Seen as an Expert

and contact some local trade publications asking to write an expert advice piece, once you are seen as an expert in the industry your name and brand will become more well known, and therefore help encourage more sales from new customers.

Alternatively you could create a blog, featuring advice and tips. People are more likely to click through to your shop if they are drawn to your website through an interest for the product. You could even create behind the scenes Youtube videos to share on the blog, so people can see the face behind the brand and gain insight into how the products are created. Top ten lists are also really popular as they are so simple to read and provide information easily.

Be careful not to give away your secrets though! If you create handmade jewellery don’t put up a step-by-step guide on how to make something you sell or people might just do that and not buy from you!

5. Contests and Giveaways

are great ways to get people involved and talking about your brand. Photo contests on Instagram or Twitter are easy to be a part of and can be easily shared, people enter if there is a prize or to also boost their follower numbers as their post could be shared by you.

It’s a give and take marketing ploy and one which works well for all parties involved, you get a fun hashtag to share and your brand is seen by many, while the participants could win something if you are offering a prize and also get their profile shared around social media.

So there you have it, marketing your small business doesn’t have to cost a small fortune, utilise well used and well loved media outlets, get chatty on the street or target your audience specifically using email and texts. It’s never been so easy in this day and age to get in touch!



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Sunday, 22 September 2019
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