Improving the Efficiency of your Business with A Barcode Scanner

Barcodes are now a widespread technology and an accepted part of almost any shopping trip. So much so, that the vast majority of consumers take it for granted that when they are at the till their items will be scanned. It is a simple technology too. With only the most basic printing equipment and a barcode scanner, businesses can tap into the benefits of barcode technology for their business. And there are many benefits, four of which are examined here by AIS Ltd


There may be some people who remember the days of checkout staff and till workers memorising item prices and using this information to key into the till at the point of sale. Then the price label was introduced and many manual hours were spent by shop and warehouse staff labelling items with prices. When items were reduced, this process happened all over again.

With such a long and drawn out process, the opportunity for human error loomed large, both in the pricing of the product and at the till. And of course, it is not just about pricing. Barcode technology is used within the logistics to track movements and shipments.

Barcode technology offers a reliable way to accurately read the encoded information lain within it. This technology eliminates human error, with retail staff able to instantly identify packages quickly and easily.

Inventory Control

Most packages and goods have barcodes, a great technology for maintaining tight and accurate control of where everything is, cost and its movement from one place to another.

Larger warehousing retailers, such as those that sell online such as Amazon, have been using barcode technology for some time now to pick orders, as well as to maintain an accurate stock inventory.

The supply chain is also more secure, with orders scanned as they leave a site, scanned in as they reach their destination and so on. There can be multiple layers to the supply chain and barcode technology can cope with all aspects of it.

There is no doubt that for any business, investing in barcode technology is an efficient means of maintaining stock control.


Most retailers are keen to show customers that they can shop quickly and easily in their stores. The bottleneck is the point of payment. And customers are impatient and do not want to queue at a checkout. There are various ways of combatting this, from ‘ten items or less’ and self-serve tills too. But they all rely on one thing: barcode technology.

The process of the scanner reading a barcode and eliciting all the information happens within a millisecond, making the process of checking out so much speedier. In the retail environment, this is clearly a benefit that will affect the length of time people will spend queueing.

In other sectors, this speedier response is also welcomed; for example, in the transportation and logistics industries, barcodes can be read by scanners instantly, with hundreds of coded packages being read as they pass by on conveyor belts.


As a new technology, barcodes and scanner systems came at a high price, but with the increased use of barcodes and scanning technology, it has become a system that is not only commonplace but far more cost efficient to invest in.

In fact, for a small business, barcode technology is one that instantly saves the business money, as well as decreasing levels of stress in maintaining accurate records of what is being kept and where. For larger organisations, it is a technology that they can barely function without, keeping track of important assets and stock.



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Thursday, 18 July 2019
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