Improving Ecommerce Conversion Rates in 6 Steps

Running an ecommerce business can be just as difficult as maintaining a physical business. In today’s digital age top 10 rankings seem to be all that matters; however, that’s simply not the case. If you already receive an adequate amount of leads and visitors, focusing your efforts onto converting them into customers could do far more than a few extra placements. In this post we look at 6 steps to take in improving ecommerce conversion rates.

Use Videos and Images

Visitors are 90% more engaged by images, videos and interactive media; nobody wants to read a large block of text. Chances are, if they’re found your website they already have a pretty good idea about what they’re after. Mailsports decided to test this theory by creating a detailed infographic about child safety in and around water – which featured plenty of images, bold text and statistics. The resulting analytics showed that their visitors stayed on their website for much longer.

Revamp Your Copy

You don’t have to completely rewrite all of your content, but try to give your titles and images a seasonal edge. Christmas, Halloween and Easter are all fairly big holidays, but don’t neglect the lesser known celebrations as well, such as St. Patricks Day, etc. Simply changing your header could do wonders for your sales.

Engage Social Media Followers

If you aren’t using social media as a sales funnel, then you’re missing out on some huge opportunities. Facebook and Twitter shouldn’t just be used to find new followers; they should be used to sell to your existing followers. Social media allows you to connect to leads faster than any other form of communication. People take their mobile devices everywhere, and whether they have a smart phone, tablet or laptop, are constantly buying things on the move.

Live Chat Functions

Sometimes email, social networking and telephone communication simply won’t cut it as a form of communication; people like taking the easy route. Having a live chat function on your website is the perfect alternative. Not only is it less effort for the customer, but it provides instant communication – which is often a necessary element of finalising a sale. The Cigar Club are the perfect example of an ecommerce business who have used live chat to their advantage in such a competitive field. After installing such a system they reported a significant boost in sales and also received and abundance of helpful feedback pinpointing problems with their website. When these issues were addressed their conversions soared.

Focus on Your Existing Leads

According to E-consultancy for every £100 the average business spends getting customers to their website only £1 gets spent on converting existing leads. This is a very backwards way of thinking. Try collecting information about your leads – an email address can be a very powerful tool. Even simple steps such as writing a regular newsletter could significantly boost sales.

Provide High-Quality Relevant Information

With Google’s stringent ranking policies and the ever increasing competition of the online marketplace, providing a service simply isn’t enough. Unless you’re contributing to the Internet and providing worthwhile information you’ll never succeed. Don’t just focus on sales; try to help people. Find topics relevant to your niche and develop authoritative content for your website, such as buyers guides and seasonal style guides. Doing so will not only help you acquire backlinks, but will establish your website as a go-to-resource, which will inevitably lead to increased conversions.

Simply making a few minor tweaks could be enough to significantly boost sales. Remember that SEO isn’t everything. While your competitors may have higher rankings it doesn’t mean that they’re making more money.



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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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